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25bLeNdsMICROThis is our own unique mixed blend of 8 diferent small seeds and grains for use in Spring or Winter fishing, or when it is dificult to get the Carp feeding. Our unique Gulp! liquid also gives this bait an extra edge.SPODThis blend is made of 8 diferent medium sized seeds and nuts and is perfect for spodding. To give it an extra boost, we added our Gulp! Attractor. Ready to use straight out of the jar, for when you need to get some feed out there quickly, and get on the fish!GIANTThis blend is only available in the larger 1800ml jars. Again we have used 8 diferent larger size seeds and nuts to make this special mix ideal for holding Carp in your swim longer without overfeeding them during extended sessions. Cooked using our exclusive new process and with added water soluble Gulp! attractant.Micro Blend / Spod Blend800 ml1800 mlGiant1800 mlSeedsMicro Blend / Spod BlendAll SeasonsGiantSummerAutumn

26liquidsAll our Gulp! Liquids are PVA friendly, ensuring that you can deliver small quantities of trea-ted baits with deadly accuracy, close to your hook baits when required. Simply soak or glug your bag or meshed baits, for maximum effectiveness and the best results.SEAWEED & KELP (All Seasons)Our Gulp! Seaweed & Kelp liquid attractant is made using only the best Kelp sourced from Norway. Being rich in both Vitamins and Minerals, this Kelp attractor exhibits incredible pulling power towards Carp; and by adding Seaweed we have given an extra edge to this liquid attractant. This liquid has been reported as "One of the best liquid attractants by far", according to many of our experienced Consultants and Field Testers.AMINO MIX (All Seasons)This Gulp! Amino Mix is actually nutritional medicine intended for human use, and has been formulated to assist digestion and nutrition in those patients sufering from eat-ing disorders and poor food digestion. It is a strong smelling red liquid which contains extracts of fresh Liver, Spleen, complex Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals. Being pre-digested, it is also very easily assimilated by the Carp and, as such, can form a vital part of any long term food bait. Use between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g of base mix, or use it on your hook baits, free oferings or pellets for that extra edge.LIVER & FISH (All Seasons)It has a very strong slightly sweet taste and a totally individual smell that just screams 'food' at the Carp. Like Gulp! Amino Mix, it too, is Amino Acid based, but with added Liver extracts. It also contains a unique fish extract, and combines to produce a very powerful liquid attractor. Use between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g of base mix, or use it on your hook baits, free oferings or pellets for maximum pulling power. LIQUID BETAINE (Summer / Autumn)Betaine is a naturally occurring substance that is present in minute quantities in many plants, yeasts, fungi and in the flesh of fish and crustaceans. It's potential as a powerful natural attractant has long been recognised in the world of fish nutrition. Our unique Gulp! Liquid Betaine can be used in a base mix (use between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g), or simply add to dips; glug, or use as a soak for your boilies, hook baits or pellets.GLM EXTRACT (All Seasons)A real Carp magnet, and arguably, one of the best available. The famous Green Lipped Mussel Extract is very rich in naturally occurring Betaine, and boasts a superb shellfish smell, with one of the most distinctive tastes imaginable. Our Gulp! Liquid GLM Extract can be used as an additive to a base mix but try it as a hook bait boost, and you will be truly amazed.CORN STEEP LIQUOR (All Seasons)Our Gulp! Corn Steep Liquor is of the highest quality and consistency available; made from top quality Maize Grain to produce a liquid food with a well defined Amino Acid composi-tion, plus a high level of Reducing Sugars. This results in a strong smelling liquid that is one of the top Carp attractors. Use between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g of base mix, or soak your hook baits or pop-ups in the pure Corn Steep Liquor.CREAM & MILK (Autumn / Winter)Our totally unique Gulp! Cream and Milk Liquid attractant is an excellent appetite stimu-lator, and this one is very sweet, very smooth and creamy in both taste and smell. Ex-tremely efective when poured over particles, used in a spod mix, or as a bait soak, as it also produces a highly visual trigger for the fish.FRUIT ATTRACTOR (Autumn / Winter)This Gulp! Fruit attractor is an excellent appetite stimulator, and this one is very sweet, and very fruity; in both taste and smell. This attractor has proved to be very efective when poured over particles, in a spod mix, or again as a bait soak.500 mlLiquids