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27oilsAll our Gulp! Oils are PVA friendly, ensuring that you can deliver small quan-tities of treated baits with deadly accuracy, close to your hook baits when required. Simply soak or glug your bag or meshed baits, for maximum effec-tiveness and the best results.Berkley Gulp! Hemp Oil is made from the finest quality cold pressed Hempseed, so that no essential acids are destroyed. Our Gulp! Hemp Oil is bursting with Amino Acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9 plus Vitamin E. Gulp! Hemp Oil can be used as a pellet 'Glug' and will add both high attraction and further nutritional value to both your loose feed and ground bait, especially in 'method' style mixes.Gulp Sardine Oil 500ml (Summer/Autumn)Gulp Salmon Oil 500ml (Summer/Autumn)Gulp Liver Oil 500ml (All Seasons)Gulp Fish Feed Oil 500ml (All Seasons)Any top quality bait needs a fat content to balance its nutritional profile, and our specially treated Gulp! Oils are made to provide just the right source of naturally occurring Fatty Acids, the same as we use in our Berkley Gulp! Carp Boilies. This Gulp! Oil does not thicken in cold temperatures, and, as such, it is ideal for all-year-round use. These very versatile oils can all be used as an additive to your base mix, or as an extra boost to your pellets or spod mix, and to further customise your baiting strategy.500 ml JarOils

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