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4What makes Berkley Gulp! Carp Baits more effective?The answer is our unique formulation and manufacturing processes.Located at Etten Leur in the Netherlands, the Berkley Product Innovation Centre provides a great opportunity to study and develop the best Carp baits for the best Carp anglers.All Gulp! Carp products are engineered by our own scientists and carp feed specialists from within our own Product Innovation laboratory, housed directly within the factory; and these include:. Boilies and Pop Ups. Pellets. Seeds. Oils and Liquid AttractorsThe main advantage of this new laboratory and production fa-cility is to control every single step of the studies, to ensure we provide the angler with scientifically proven baits every time.This gives us a big advantage over many of our competitors, who, unlike Berkley, do not own the whole formulation and manufacturing processes.the lab

5Testing ProcessThe main aim of Gulp! Carp baits is to provide superior catch rates for Carp anglers, using baits that are proven to be, both highly efective, and convenient to use on every session!This aim demanded that we built a large team of more than 60 recognised Carp anglers within the UK and Eu-rope to fully evaluate and refine the baits prior to launch. The testing team gave feedback to the research team, until we developed the perfect formulas and flavours for improved catch rates. Gulp! Carp products have been tested and evaluated rigorously over the past 24 months.Each bait has been evaluated in diferent weather conditions, water temperatures, and in both lakes and rivers to produce the perfect formulation for today's carp angler.The superior Gulp! Carp bait ingredients produced better results versus the competitor baits tested during the approval and research period. In tests, our Gulp! Carp baits proved far superior to the competitor's baits used, with an average 30% higher comparative catch rate recorded.The Gulp! Carp laboratory is the start of a long story within the true spirit of the Berkley brand, one that has been synonymous with the big carp scene for over 25 years. Berkley can now provide the Carp angler with superior quality bait to catch more fish, time after time!