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5Testing ProcessThe main aim of Gulp! Carp baits is to provide superior catch rates for Carp anglers, using baits that are proven to be, both highly efective, and convenient to use on every session!This aim demanded that we built a large team of more than 60 recognised Carp anglers within the UK and Eu-rope to fully evaluate and refine the baits prior to launch. The testing team gave feedback to the research team, until we developed the perfect formulas and flavours for improved catch rates. Gulp! Carp products have been tested and evaluated rigorously over the past 24 months.Each bait has been evaluated in diferent weather conditions, water temperatures, and in both lakes and rivers to produce the perfect formulation for today's carp angler.The superior Gulp! Carp bait ingredients produced better results versus the competitor baits tested during the approval and research period. In tests, our Gulp! Carp baits proved far superior to the competitor's baits used, with an average 30% higher comparative catch rate recorded.The Gulp! Carp laboratory is the start of a long story within the true spirit of the Berkley brand, one that has been synonymous with the big carp scene for over 25 years. Berkley can now provide the Carp angler with superior quality bait to catch more fish, time after time!

POP UPSboiliEs& pop ups6We believe that our boilie range consists of the best baits available, and over the past two years our Consultants and Field Testers have rigorously tested all baits throughout the UK and Europe to the point where we have created one of the best ready made bait ranges available; with no compromise given on ingredient quality or soluble attractors used. All our bait formulas have been developed to provide not only high attraction levels, but also essential food sources, to ensure that your results only get better as the fish stay on the bait for longer.All our production is in-house, utilising the skills of our own Bait Chemist, who is in charge of all operations. We even make our own flavours unlike many other bait manufacturers. We have invested heavily in Research and Development to ensure that our baits are among the finest any Carp angler can buy. As with every item in our product range, our food grade boilies are fully researched and contain only the best ingredients to ensure that we provide highly digestible baits with optimal nutritional profiles.The secret behind the Berkley Gulp! Carp bait's unrivalled success in testing lies in using only the highest quality ingredients, researched and developed internally, and produced in our own production facility.We can proudly say that Gulp! Carp boilies have the following benefits:. 100% premium natural ingredients. Superior scent dispersion. Exclusive water soluble attractants. High digestibility. Optimal nutritional valueIf you want a fishing edge, to out-fish all those around you; and maybe catch a record Carp yourself, you need to try the Berkley Gulp! Carp baits, as we believe it is the best bait to help you catch more fish. Gulp! Carp boilies are available in four sizes:12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm.Boilie dips and soaks can be an efective way of enhancing your hookbaits, and help you put loads more Carp on the bank. Our Gulp! Boilie dips combine highly efective Carp attracting oils, with a range of flavours at the optimum ratios to attract Carp, without making the bait so strongly tainted that it discourages them.All the liquids are ideal for increasing the attraction properties of your free oferings for short session use, or just to further boost your hook bait, to ensure that is the one that is picked up by the fish!Available in 150ml bottles in the same 8 flavours as our Gulp! Carp boilies.