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9boiliEsParticle BombBased on the Berkley Gulp! seed and our own bird food base mix, with some extra Tiger Nut and Peanut Meal for a fantastic texture, this is one that's sure to be a favourite with both Carp and Carp an-glers. The addition of some larger particles combines to produce a bait with a real "crunch" to it; and has already produced some out-standing results in very dificult conditions. Try matching with our complimentary pop ups or dips to really boost your results with this truly unique bait. 12 - 16 - 20 - 24 mm1 Kg Bag3 Kg BucketBoilesPop UpsDipsWinterSpring

10boiliEsPineapple FeverA big favourite with many of our Field Testers, this yellow boilie is big on pulling power at any time of the year, and makes a superb choice for any session, producing rapid results.This bait is already responsible for many big fish from a wide variety of very diferent venues. The unique Pineapple flavour incorporated into this mix, is so efective and recognisable to all Carp, that they keep coming back for more every time.12 - 16 - 20 - 24 mm1 Kg Bag3 Kg BucketBoilesPop UpsDipsAll Seasons