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BETT LEADERS SPONSORED BYWhat does headship look like now and how can you encourage othersto take up the role?It's the fi rst term of the school year and, already, schools are facing a raft of changes - a new inspection framework, a curriculum review and revised accountability measures, not to mention the introduction of the fi rst group of free schools and the on-going transition to Academy status. And, of course, there is no respite in the demands placed on Heads to achieve more - despite fewer resources. The widespread social unrest during the summer has only heightened these expectations, on top of the usual attack on standards that accompanies improvements in pass rates at GCSE and A level.How should school leaders and teachers respond to this barrage of challenge and criticism? By shrugging their shoulders and accepting that schools simply cannot deliver all that society expects of them? Or by continuing the drive to ensure that every child, whatever their background, is given the opportunity to succeed.The evidence is clear that school leadership is, over time, the most determinative factor on pupil outcomes, which makes it even more of a concern that there is a signifi cant shortage of quality school leaders, with schools in the most challenging circumstances the most acutely affected.If we are to signifi cantly reduce the attainment gap, we need to ensure that strong, effective and experienced leaders who have the motivation and drive to take on the UK's most challenging schools are given the support and training that they need to make a real and lasting impact. There may be simply no other alternative. Heath Monk Chief Executive, Future Leaders14 BETT LEADERSOPINION

CONFERENCE SPONSORSwww.bettukleaders.comThe Secretary of State for Education speaks in terms of empowering school and college leaders to innovate, taking advantage of signifi cant autonomy and taking the initiative to drive improvement. Mr. Gove has challenged leaders to work to identify talent more zealously, work to collaborate more intensively and work to raise aspirations and standards. In the context of diffi cult economic circumstances, how are leaders responding successfully to these challenges?The Education Leaders @ BETT conference will offer school and college leaders rich opportunities to accelerate the development of the strategies they are building to ensure they are taking advantage of new freedoms, while dealing with the related challenges. Held alongside the BETT exhibition, the conference will provide a platform for leaders to exchange ideas on the rapidly changing landscape in which they must operate and excel. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet, learn from and enter discussions with leading fi gures from UK education and from education systems around the world, including:? Steve Munby, Chief Executive - National College for School Leadership? Caroline McDonald, Cabinet member for Children's Services - London Borough of Southwark? Paddy Bradley, Director of Schools and Learning - Swindon Borough Council? Martin Doel, Chief Executive - National Association of Colleges? Heath Monk, Chief Executive Offi cer - Future Leaders? Russell Hobby, General Secretary - National Association of Headteachers? Christine Blower, General Secretary - National Union of Teachers? Mary Bousted, General Secretary - Association of Teachers and LecturersNetworking & Discussionsfor Leaders in EducationThe focus for the discussions and networking includes:. Adapting successfully to the changing inspection regime. Sharpening your understanding of the changing landscape for school fi nance and autonomy . Maximising the power of student data to drive improvement. Motivating and retaining your best staff. Future-proofi ng your school with improved succession planning. Developing your leadership skill set. Rapidly adapting your school for English Baccalaureate successPLATINUM SPONSORGOLD SPONSORS