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BETT LEADERS SPONSORED BYTry before you buy atSchool leaders are under pressure to ensure the best return on their investment and thus will want to touch and test and thoroughly review the range of solutions on offer at BETT. So what highlights can you expect to see? Alongside curriculum-specifi c resources, hundreds of exhibitors will be showcasing products and services relevant to a whole school, management level - here is a pick of what's on offer....continued on page 18IML Technology recommends its product, Double-Take Availability, for educationalists so they can offl oad some common tasks from the production system entirely. For example, since the secondary school system contains an up-to-date replica of production data, it can serve as a platform for creating backup tapes without affecting production operations by forcing everyone to log off the production system. IML suggests that if everyone who is involved in providing a quality education can enjoy uninterrupted access to the vast landscape of interconnected data management systems that keep information fl owing in real time, students will learn more. Check out their offering on stand K56.Intended to be a valuable resource for educational personnel, the launch of a new website, may well prove useful to leaders attending BETT. According to MASS, the website will help you to keep up-to-date with ICT and how it affects education. White papers on the topics that are impacting you can be downloaded, as well as many other features. MASS are at BETT on stand J59.Saving time and money has always been important to leaders; perhaps even more so in the current climate. NetSupport Assist on stand E100 could prove a cost-effective and effi cient way for teachers to manage and engage with their students in a Mac and Linux environment.NetSupport recognises that today's students have access to an increasingly wide range of technology. It has responded to the challenges faced by teachers by extending its range of classroom management solutions to ensure they have the tools needed to monitor, interact and engage with their students, whatever the environment. With NetSupport Assist, teachers can centrally instruct students from their computer. From registering attendance at the start, monitoring activity during, and logging off machines at the end of the lesson, NetSupport Assist could help teachers to focus their time and attention on their students, rather than on managing the software.BETT LEADERS 17WHAT'S NEW?

BETT LEADERS SPONSORED BY18 BETT LEADERSWHAT'S NEWTry before you buy atFor more information on what exhibitors will be showcasing at BETT for leaders,see the Find Suppliers section on the BETT website www.bettshow.comTo register for free entry visit and enter the priority code 'LEADER'...continued from page 17ParentMail, the UK's leading school-to-home communications service used by over 5,000 schools, has announced the launch of an iPad package for primary schools which it will showcase for the fi rst time on stand A16 at BETT 2012. The new package brings together the company's electronic communications and payment suite with an innovative portable dinner register - all installed and supplied on an iPad. For schools, budgets are tight and cashless catering systems have an initial implementation cost. Many schools therefore continue to log dinner money manually, which can be cumbersome and time consuming. ParentMail's iPad package, which is leased on a monthly basis, offers a more affordable way of tracking pupil's lunch payments whilst enabling effective school-to-parent communication and increased functionality. Parents top up their child's dinner money account online or via their smart phone. Then, in the school canteen, caterers select an image of the particular pupil buying lunch and the system automatically deducts the cost of the meal from the child's ParentMail account. The iPad also gives schools other useful 'portable' features. For example, it can be used to take card payments from parents anywhere in the school. TOP-TEC on stand G46 is launching its new Discovery secure desk range at BETT 2012, specifi cally designed for schools to enhance the deployment of IT and media in the classroom. Launched exclusively at BETT 2012 it includes media enabled teacher's desks, versatile IT desks as well as standard desks. Each retains all the functionality and contemporary styling of the customised desking and media lecterns supplied by TOP-TEC to universities, in a range more suited to schools.Traka on stand M16 is a specialist in intelligent access management. Mark Szczyrba, ICT Administrator, Abraham Guest School, Wigan Clients commented: "When we were creating our ICT strategy, Traka more than fulfi lled this with its managed laptop locker and software solution. Instantly I'm able to account for all resource laptops right across the school at just the click of the mouse." Traka's lockers for schools provide a solution to managing the use, and safe storage, of laptops within a self-managed automated system. At the forefront of this is its RFID tagging technology, which uniquely identifi es each laptop making it individually accounted for. With RFID tagging you immediately know if a laptop is in its locker and precisely when it was taken and returned, and by whom.Each Traka system is fully integrated with cashless catering software, making it easier to administer from one system. Students can identify themselves with proximity tokens, smart cards or biometrics, and the automated system allocates the student a fully charged laptop either for a lesson or for a term, as dictated by the system administrator. As well as laptops, Traka's lockers can accommodate iPads or any other data terminals. Traka will be holding demonstrations throughout BETT on stand M16.