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BETT LEADERS SPONSORED BYBETT LEADERS 21OPINION ICT investment, funding andstaffi ng: just some of the challenges faced by today's educatorsOur children are facing exciting futures which we can only begin to imagine. Deciphering the benefi ts of the extensive range of technologies on offer is just part of the challenge that we as educators face - but what an opportunity! As a Headteacher I'm excited by the role that technology plays in enhancing our children's learning but I'm also excited by the motivation it can bring to my talented teaching staff who often work extremely long hours with a more limited career structure than in the past. Investing in technology is vital for ensuring that our children not only achieve the best possible learning outcomes at school, but also so that they're prepared for life after school where technology plays such a signifi cant role in so many jobs and professions. Unfortunately, the uncertainties of future funding we face make it diffi cult to know how much money we will have access to in the coming years. This obviously makes the planning of a sustainable future problematic, but not impossible. As leader of a Voluntary Aided school, funding is a constant battle as we struggle to raise the necessary 10% of capital costs, whilst spending over £2,000 incurs VAT. Funding will always be an issue for school leaders but it's in no way the only challenge we're tackling on a day to day basis. We are also facing up to the legacy of a prescriptive curriculum which has left a young workforce less equipped to deliver a knowledge based curriculum due to their training having been largely skill based. As leaders, coming together at BETT 2012 to share our experiences, thoughts and advice, gives us the ability to face these and many other challenges head on and put us in the best possible position to succeed.Elizabeth Inman, Headteacher of St Simon's Catholic Primary School

. Is an easy tool for fun and motivating primary school teaching . Includes concrete teaching materials, flipcharts and resource packs. Includes teacher guide and lesson plans. Includes Help-desk to support usage. Is about exploring diferent cultures in a fun way while adventuring around the world. Is about discovering the real world socially in a safe environment. Lets your imagination and creativity run free. Ofers valuable tools for the world of learningDramaforum Oy Ltd is an international media company specializing in children's products, including Petra's Planet virtual world and Petra children's