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BETT LEADERS SPONSORED BYthe ubiquity of technology and its importance within the workplace, and is promoting qualifi cations in subjects such as computer science to support its initiative, and schools can play their part in supporting this.Technology creates productivitySchools can synchronise technology with other resources to provide many more opportunities for dialogue within the classroom. Not only does this have benefi ts for developing social skills, but it makes learning more interactive and memorable. In addition, it increases inclusivity, encouraging different types of learners of varied levels of confi dence.Technology is no longer ' nice to have' - it is a vital investment that improves the very productivity of learning and using the students 'own technology is a real possibility in school environments. Schools need to offer the tools, technology, vision and environment that will help them produce the leaders and successful adults of tomorrow. Productivity is the key to improving our education systems and I believe technology is a pivotal way of supporting this.Promethean & BETT 2012BETT 2012 will herald the start of a new direction for Promethean. In a departure from previous years, Promethean will be approaching BETT with a new vision ,a solution-orientated ethos and a broad portfolio of supportive content and community solutions to meet the changing demands of the market. School visitors have the chance to rediscover Promethean and see it is more than an Interactive Whiteboard company. For more information, visit Promethean's BETT 2012 microsite atwww.prometheanatBETT.comBETT lEadErS 7FOCUSThe latest technologies, such as the ActivBoard 500, allow students to collaborate using multi-touch capabilities which echo the technology they are already familiar withTechnologies such as Promethean's Learner Response Systems increase inclusivity, encouraging different types of learners of varied levels of confi dence

It's Monday morning.You're ready.So are your students.What about your ICT?Sound familiar? And then when it is ready, there are those nagging reliability issues; the all too frequent calls to tech support and those time consuming reboots. Let alone the sheer noise and heat generated by the average classroom PC.We believe you deserve better classroom ICT that's reliable, and just works.Needs little or no day-to-day management, and is cool and silent in operation.Everything to ensure you get the very best classroom computing experience. Every day of the week.BETT 2012 11-14 January, Olympia, LondonIf you're ready for change, then act today. Arrange a one-to-one demo with a Wyse specialist at BETT 2012:Drop by our stand: E119 | Email us: | Tweet us: @WyseEMEA