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Visit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored byGiving educators the opportunity to see, touch, experience and evaluate transformational technology continues to be right at the heart of what BETT means. But the show is evolving to do so much more. Most importantly, the scale and reputation of BETT enables us to ensure it offers an effective platform for the networking and exchange of ideas, something that our advisory panel flagged up as being so important for schools and colleges. As part of our drive to sharpen our understanding of the challenges and pressures facing education leaders in fast-changing times, the BETT team hosted a visitors' advisory panel meeting earlier this year. We were particularly struck by one statement generated during the discussions - "The most important partnerships schools need to develop," our group unanimously decided, "will be with each other."Networking & Discussions for Leaders in Education

Visit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored byEducationTo support this exchange of knowledge and ideas, the second annual Education Leaders conference, held alongside BETT on the 11-12 January 2012, will offer;. Two days of impactful presentations, robust discussions and insightful master class sessions. Coverage of the key strategic concerns for education leaders - curriculum, assessment, finance, autonomy and responsibility, improved leadership, industrial relations, staff development, capital projects and technology. An invitation-only audience entirely composed of school and college leaders and senior managers from local authorities and their overseas equivalents