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EXTENTOF PRODUCT RANGE137800 x 80081000 x 80091200 x 800101400 x 800111600 x 800121800 x 800131600 x 1200 x 800 x 60014151800 x 1200 x 800 x 60016191600 x 1000 x 80020211800 x 1000 x 80022231600 x 1000 x 1000241800 x 1000 x 1000|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RECTANGULARDESKING- 800 deep --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------STANDARD SHAPETOP WORKSTATIONS -------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------SINGLEWAVEWORKSTATIONS -------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------DOUBLEWAVEWORKSTATIONS------------------|1800 x 60021000 x 60031200 x 60041400 x 60051600 x 60061800 x 600|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RECTANGULARDESKING- 600 deep --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|25424 x 600 x 568h26424 x 600 x 653h|------------------------------------------------------------------PEDESTALS-----------------------------------------------------------------|27424 x 600 x 720 h28424 x 800 x 720 h29SIDEOPENINGTAMBOURS30CABLETRAY171600 x 800181610 x 800SEMICIRCULAR / D ENDVisit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored byPrimary &Secondary A visit to the BETT Show can play a useful role in this process. Primary and secondary schools need to make the most efficient use of the materials they already have and, if new resources are needed, to spend wisely. The razzmatazz of BETT can be daunting to the first-time visitor; look beyond this to find out how to make the best use of your most precious assets: staff and students. Learning platforms are now almost universal in secondary schools and increasingly widespread in primaries - but do you know how to make best use of yours for English? Do you need fresh materials for your interactive whiteboards or to become a more skilled user of digital audio and video? Often the resources you need can be found at little or no cost - and an effective training session, perhaps in a BETT seminar or workshop or on a stand, can make all the difference.NATE, as the subject association for English, offers a great deal to help teachers facing the challenges of the 21st century curriculum. There is an area devoted to ICT in English on our website as well as an online community (of course) called NATE Network. We have regular articles on aspects of ICT in our lively publications and, especially, workshops on all aspects of the subject at our unmissable annual conference. In June 2012 we'll be in the historic city of York but we'll be as up-to-date as ever - do join us!" for more information, visit: for suppliers of English related products on www.bettshow.comsubject in mind? We asked leading associations to trends and policy in different areas of education.

Visit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored byCore Subjects in Primary Update on. MathsThe Joint Mathematical council of the uK comments:"On 20 January 2011 the Secretary of State for Education announced a review of the National Curriculum for both primary and secondary schools in England. As part of the growing evidence available to shape this and wider changes in mathematics education, Carol Vorderman presented her report 'A world-class mathematics education for all young people.' on 8 August 2011. The timescale for change involves the introduction of new programmes of study in mathematics for 2013 and one of the challenges in implementing the new national curriculum is in having the kind of support teachers need to implement this effectively. Structures such as the Primary and Secondary National Strategies have been removed.Mathematics subject associations continue to provide a support network of fellow professionals offering resources, publications, training and annual conferences directly related to the needs of teachers of mathematics and numeracy throughout their careers in schools, colleges and the wider community.It is worthwhile examining our use of the rich solutions provided by the latest hardware and software and ask as we view these, how our teaching and learning can be revisited to develop new and illuminating ways of questioning, visualising, engaging and recording. We also need to ask how they can help our students to understand, apply and practice new concepts. A real danger is to use new technology simply to teach in old ways. Held in balance with traditional resources video capture, GPS and the latest mathematics specialist software provide exciting new opportunities for effective change in teaching