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Visit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored byWith BETT 2012 approaching it appears 'Learning anywhere' is no longer a buzzword or an unrealistic expectation for any educational establishment. With recent advances in mobile technology coupled with a fall in prices, staff and pupils can now access network services no matter where they are or what device they are using. Some at Microsoft have called this the 'consumerisation' of technology, with many schools and colleges now introducing 'bring your own technology' schemes allowing students to take their own laptops and tablets into lessons, or allowing staff to choose just what pieces of technology they require to teach lessons effectively. Tying these together securely is not as impossible as it was several years ago, with establishments now moving to high capacity managed wireless networks with high speed internet connections. This, when combined with onsite internet monitoring and filtering and modern network management tools, gives schools the opportunity to keep the network secure while supporting as many devices as possible. Also with modern server virtualisation even the smallest schools can now do more with less. Now you can host your email, MIS, VLE and staff/student areas on fewer physical servers. This results in less power consumption as well as having greater reliability and redundancy with a system that's easier to backup. Modern learning environments are becoming more mobile with laptops and tablets now replacing larger desktop computers, which can enable staff and students to study and work no matter where they may be. Whether at school, at home or on school trips, your school resources can be accessible anywhere and at any time.All of this though does require the right amount of planning and investment in network infrastructure and software to ensure everyone truly experiences the best access. Only a few years ago if a school wanted to provide this sort of system you would have to do large amounts of the work and planning in house. Now however, more and more companies have the ability to assist in the planning from rolling out reliable, secure wireless to a VLE that supports any and all devices all without breaking the bank or the DPA act.BETT presents an opportunity for you and your school to get out there and ask what solutions companies can provide to meet the changing field of technology use in your school. Bring your own technology may not be the best solution for your school but it's worth looking at the solutions available and as always you can come along and visit EduGeek for impartial advice and guidance.Shaun Garriock, Edugeek, Online Peer Support Community'Learning anywhere' is no longer unrealisticThe Online Peer Support Community for IT ProfessionalThe IT Professionals' life lineThe IT Professionals'

TOPdesk's software is tried and trusted across the service management industry. Over 5,000 customers in 45 countries worldwide have already made TOPdesk their first choice; from small service desks to logistics experts, health services and thriving multinationals. With UniDesk, TOPdesk also offers a service desk solution specially tailored for educational institutions of all sizes. TOPdesk offers state-of-the-art tools for optimizing efficiency, enhancing performance and increasing customer satisfaction in all areas of service management.Mr David Brown | TOPdesk UK Ltd61 Southwark Street, London SE1 0HL, United KingdomTel. +44 (0) 207 803 4200 | Fax. +44 (0) 207 803 |