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Visit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored bySEND Green Paper recommendation overviewearly identification and support There will be a health and development review for children aged between two and two and a half years. By 2014 the Government proposes to replace statements with a single assessment process and introduce Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans to identify the needs of children from birth to 25.Giving parents control Supporting families through the system via a continuation of Early Support resources, local support from LAs and slimmed down SEN information from schools are intended to clarify the system. Parents will have rights to express a preference for a state-funded school if preferred. Learning and achieving The Green Paper reiterated the importance of developing excellent teaching practice for SEN pupils and the critical role of leadership in getting the best from all school staff. The Government promises improved access to wider behaviour support. Overall, the paper promises stronger school accountability. Preparing for adulthood Joint working is recommended across all services during the transition from the secondary school setting to adulthood. Services working together for families Local authorities and health services will play a pivotal role in delivering change and the intention is to reduce the bureaucratic burdens on professionals. The paper also aims to empower local professionals to develop collaborative, high quality services. Extending local freedom and flexibility over the use of funding and enabling the voluntary and community sector to take on a greater role in delivering services are also expected to streamline provisions. The need for specialist help will be supported by helping to develop a high quality speech and language therapy workforce and enhancing the educational psychology profession.

Visit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored byBy Terry FreedmanWhat are the issues facing schools, school leaders and ICT leaders in the coming year? Anything involving technology is bound to be full of challenges, but there are five areas in particular that warrant our goes almost without saying that first and foremost in most people's minds is the budget situation. Until relatively recently we had enjoyed well over a decade of ring-fenced funding for ICT, the most recent incarnation of which was the Harnessing Technology grant, and that has disappeared. Moreover, in budgetary planning terms, it vanished overnight.Interestingly, according to BESA's Impact of New Technologies in Schools, ICT departments are still projected to enjoy a substantial budget: the estimated primary school budget for ICT in 2011-12 is £12,710, and that for secondary schools is £56,670. Nevertheless, schools will need to consider how best to save money, and that could involve, paradoxically, investing in more (and better) technology in the short term. It will certainly involve looking at reducing running costs and getting more use from what the school already has.Along with the drastic reduction of government funding came the so-called "bonfire of the quangoes". This involved the wrapping up of those agencies we could reasonably rely on for objective advice, Becta and the QCDA. At the same time, many Local Authorities have shed their ICT advisory staff. The challenge facing schools now is: where can you get objective advice?"Schools will need to adopt unfamiliar tactics... such as inviting suppliers to demonstrate their wares"Challenges for & School allenges