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Visit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored byReading Eggs, stand P27 & C66 (Primary)Developed by the creator of Mathletics, 3P Learning is launching Reading Eggs, a highly motivational reading program for Key Stage 1 and 2 students. Developed to tackle a leading challenge facing primary heads and primary teachers today, namely literacy standards, Reading Eggs makes learning essential reading skills a fun and exciting experience.AQA, stand G65 (Primary and Secondary)Addressing the fact that around a third of UK children are now failing to grasp the basics in the 3R's, "my" is a new, live and online tutoring service offering one to one tuition in KS2 and KS3 in Maths and English. "mytutor" will be recruiting tutors at BETT, who can benefit from flexible hours and the convenience of working from home. Bamzonia, stand S25 (Primary and Secondary)Bamzonia is an easy to use online resource which teaches students from ages 7-18 the crucial subject of personal financial education in a fun and engaging way, building invaluable skills for work and life. Your students can learn all about coin recognition, pensions, wages, budgeting and saving. Skoogmusic, stand SN81 (Primary)The new Skoog töo, a software platform for IWBs and touch screens opens up the Skoog experience to the entire class. The software supports primary children's natural musicality and provides a learning environment that allows children to explore music through play and discovery.

Visit to be among the first to know what we are premiering at stand C76BETT Update sponsored byBringt ohne newXPAND 3D, stand K12 (Primary and Secondary)The new XPAND 3D Educational Network offers 3D instructional technology to schools. The PowerPoint 3D plug-in allows you to easily add 3D images, graphics and objects to presentations.Clipbank Channel 4 Learning, stand C30 (Secondary)Clipbank's latest feature is News hub, bringing together its popular New Bites and News Blast with resources to teach the 'spoken language' aspects of the secondary curriculum. Additionally, 'Your News' enables schools to submit their own news broadcasts for other Clipbank users to watch; find out more here: www.channel4learning/Clipbank.Top-Tec, stand G46 (Primary and Secondary)The new Discovery secure desk range is designed specifically for schools to enhance the deployment of IT and media in the classroom. Retaining the functionality and contemporary styling of the customised desking and media lecterns for universities, this school range can help bring IT to life in your classroom. Polyvision, stand D99 (Primary and Secondary)The new éno play integrates sound with the interactive whiteboard to tune in every type of learner in the spectrum. Multimedia content can be brought to life with synchronized music and video, and all students can hear at a comfortable volume no matter where they are seated.