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ITDIrecTor LIveHardware, software and installation and support services are vital to the success of any business, yet IT can be mystifying and a difficult area to navigate. Head to our IT Director LIVE showcase to meet face-to-face with the companies that can The IT Director LIVE companies are represented by in the exhibitor listings.ITCheck out both days of The Times 'Think Digital' learnShopsTM 15give you expert advice on a range of topics including: learnShopsIT Hardware ? Computers? Memory systems? Monitors ? Printers? Scanners IT Services ? Installation & support services? Internet service provider? IT security? Networking & cabling? Server hosting? Website design/ developmentIT Software ? Document management providers? Ecommerce software ? Software developers/ providers

16 LiveIf you are one of the many SMEs that don't have the luxury of a human resources department then our HR Director LIVE showcase is the place to go for expert advice. The HR Director LIVE companies are represented by in the exhibitor software ? 360-degree feedback systems? e-Learning? Employee benefits systems? HR information systems ? HR intranet/portal ? Job analysis/evaluation systems? Payroll systems and software? Pension administration systems ? Performance management systems hr - Learning & development ? Psychometric testing? Training providers ? Training venues HR - Employee Benefits & Rewards ? Benefits Technology and Administration? Employee Engagement and Communication ? Employee share schemes providers? Healthcare providers? Motivational course providers? Pensions providers ? Voluntary benefits providers recruitment ? Recruitment agencies ? Recruitment consultants hr services ? Business travel agents? HR Advisory Services? HR Consultants ? HR Outsourcing HRYou'll find a wide range of products and services offering solutions on everything from finding the right staff for the job and keeping them motivated to ensuring your workforce's continued learning and development and understanding the minefield that is employment law.