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Isle of Man Business IncubatorIsle of ManCome and see us at stand 80The Isle of Man Government, together with the Isle of Man Business Incubator, can help providethe ideal environment for supporting innovationand the entrepreneurial spirit. Come and see us at stand 80 and learn about our sectors, success stories and support. We'll help you unlock the advantages of doing business on the Isle of Man!For more information visit: or

8 Business North West you have the opportunity to attend a wide range of learnShopsT which are designed to address trends and issues relevant to your business. day 1 WedneSday 4 May10.30Untangling the Web Scott Hadden, CIM11.307 deadly Sins - how toavoid the pitfalls Alan Millband & Christopher Penfold, Bibby Consulting & Support12.30Get to Grips withyour competitors David Taylor, CIM13.30how to protect your CashflowExperian14.30Financial control as a Strategic differentiatorNick Goode, Sage15.30Write a Marketing planJeremy Bassett, CIM16.30Sell differently in 2012 to Safeguard ProfitabilitySimon Naudi, Answers Training17.30Building the Foundations of a Sustainable BusinessDavid Masters, Larner Murphy Accountants10.00Winning Business with Information SecurityDaniel Dresner, National Computing Centre11.00develop an app for your BusinessLinda Merrills, Business Link Northwest12.00Business networking online - are you linked in?Mark Williams, LinkedIn LIVE13.00digital devastation: how to make your competitors wish they never built a website!Guy Levine, Return on Digital14.00Using Social Media as a Marketing ToolAndrew Greenyer, Business Link Northwest09.00a personal Story of the highs and lows of a rampant Business angelRichard Farleigh10.30how to Guarantee Funding for your BusinessBill Morrow, Angels Den 12.00Growing for GoldPhil Jones, Brother UK Ltd13.3018 Secrets that Super Successful Business owners Know and do Nigel Botterill, Nigel Botterill's Entrepreneurs Circle15.00creating Sustainable category GrowthJennie Miller, Kellogg's16.30access the £185m north West Fund evergreen investment fundAndy Leach, North West Business Finance LtdHOW TO... SupporterKnowledge PartnerSupporterFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFinanceFKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFFinanceKEYHRITMarketingITMHRFNorth West