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SPRING-SUMMER 2010 Isea&iI 17oncharterCome January, the Caribbean is awash with charter superyachts for three orfour months. As everyone who's anyone in the yacht world knows, it's theclassic season to head to these waters. But. and it's a significant 'but', thecanny yachtsman knows the benefits of venturing to these islands duringother months of the year. Head to certain areas of the Caribbean from June to September and not onlycan you take advantage of clement weather and more competitive prices, you'llalso enjoy acres of space to yourself. Joel Altman, owner of Symphony II anda seasoned Caribbean charterer, offers personal recommendations for hisfavourite, off-season Caribbean hot spots. "If you're heading to the Caribbean for an off-season charter, make sure someof the following top your cruise itinerary.VIRGIN GORDAI love the Baths here, and in summer the nearby Sir FrancisDrake Passage is much clearer than in peak season, yet there are still justenough yachts around to keep you company. ANGUILLADrop in for the Banksy Banx music festival in May and September.ST MARTIN AND ST THOMAS These are ideal islands to fly to and use asyour base until July; then keep an eye on the weather and be ready, should thestorms head your way, to cruise down to the Windwards to base yourself at thestunning Marigot Bay in St Lucia. South of the hurricane belt the weather ispleasantly warm during the summer months.ST LUCIAYou'll find a real Caribbean ambiance and great restaurants here (trythe Rainforest Hideaway in Marigot Bay). Anchor below the Pitons, which youcan hike, and visit the cocoa plantations.MUSTIQUEThis wonderful, friendly little island has a small airstrip, severalprivate homes and a great alfresco restaurant - the Veranda Restaurant -at the Cotton House Hotel, which also has a great Beach Café. Also, checkout the island's quaint newsstand in a hut, complete with a mini bakery.ST VINCENTThe north end of the island comprises a small dock and you cantake the dinghy in and walk up into the valley to a spectacular waterfall. TOBAGO CAYSAnchor in the waters where they filmed Pirates Of TheCaribbean- it is a national park area and, as such, is wonderfully tranquil andunspoiled. There are also great snorkelling opportunities here.GRENADAVisit the island's plantations and chocolate factory. There's also a great new marina at Port Louis." The following yachts are available in the Caribbean this season VIRGIN ISLANDS Symphony II 34m (111'), 8 guests, prices from US$49,500. Virgin Islands until early July, then heading to Windward IslandsSerenity Now 29.3m (96'3), 6 guests, prices from US$30,000 per week WINDWARD ISLANDS Symphony II (as above) Never Enough 42.6m (140'), 10 guests, prices from US$130,000 per week NEW ENGLAND Resilience 34m (111') 8 guests, prices from US$37,500 per week Inukshuk 25m (82') 10 guests, prices from US$39,500 per week FLORIDA & THE BAHAMASJoanne 36.6m (120') 8 guests, prices from US$44,900 per week Insatiable 30.5m (100') 8 guests, prices from US$29,500 per week BAHAMASIncentive 43.3m (142') 10 guests, prices from US$135,000 per week Savannah 36m (118') 8 guests, prices from US$49,500 per week Top Times 34.5m (113') 10 guests, prices from US$70,000 per week Cherish 33.8m (111') 10 guests, prices from US$37,500 per week Lady Andrea 31.4m (103') 6 guests, prices from US$35,000 per week Viaggio 27.7m (91') 8 guests, prices from US$27,500 per weekDolce Vita II 24.4m (80') 6 guests, prices from US$22,000 per week OUT OF SEASON, IN WITH A CHANCE Symphony II

18Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2010Alternative destinations For those looking to cruise further afield, CNI has a number of yachts for spring and summer charters COSTA RICAHead to Costa Rica this spring for exoticadventure, wildlife and activity. ThisCentral American haven is home to thetropical Toucan bird, Cloud Forests, jungleand volcanic terrain, and hot sandybeaches. Its waters are also perfect forsurfing, snorkelling and great fishing. Thewonderfully equipped Mea Culpa -complete with new tournament gamefishing equipment - is particularly suitedto the area and is loved by avidsportfishing enthusiasts and adventure-loving charterers alike. Charter Mea Culpa nLength42.3m (139') nGuests8 nPrices fromUS$120,000 per week nCruising areaPanama Canal & Costa Rica (spring)Mea CulpaPhilosophySCANDINAVIA With an abundance of secludedanchorages set against spectacularbackdrops, the waters of the Baltic areconsidered some of Europe's mostbeautiful cruising grounds. Explore theclear blue channels of the StockholmArchipelago and the mountainous fjordsof Norway, or discover the colourfulwaterfront homesteads of Denmark andthe fairy tale fishing villages of Finland -the lands of the Baltic are as remote as youcould wish for. Charter Anne Viking nLength25.7m (84'4) nGuests 8 nPrices from ?35,000 per week nCruising areaScandinavia (summer) Charter Philosophy nLength41.5m (136') nGuests10 nPrices from?125,000 per week nCruising areaNorway (summer)