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SPRING-SUMMER 2010I sea&iI25Society Islands for its mix of French culture, Polynesian lifestyle, trade winds,sun, palms, beaches, reefs, diving, excellent sailing and great anchorages. SCFor me it's Southeast Asia for its cultural diversity and history. My wife andI recently took a river cruise from Saigon in Vietnam up the Mekong Delta intoCambodia, ending up at the temples of Angkor. It was truly special and different.I also love the South Pacific for its laid-back tropical atmosphere.What's the one place in the world you'd like to travel that you haven'talready visited?JCI would love to visit the Pacific and the Baltic. Perhaps one day in my ownsailing boat.ECThe Norwegian Fjords; there is something indescribably dramatic aboutsteep mountains tumbling into narrow waterways. I'd also like to go toAlaska. I did touch in the Pacific Northwest once, but I'd love to return toexplore the coastal islands - it's a place where you can enjoy nature as itwas intended: wild.SCAlaska and the high latitudes, or Japan for its mix of ancient customs andcutting-edge modernity. THE CAPTAINS ON. BEING CAPTAINSWhat's the most curious request you have had from a guest? JCI was once tasked with having to find the right-shaped aubergine inSardinia. But it was the chef who made this bizarre request, not the guests- they were easy.ECOne of our guests requested 20 kilograms of broccoli for his breakfast,out of season, while anchored off Sardinia. It had to be bought in France, flownto Ajaccio, then picked up by a crew member in a taxi and delivered by tenderacross the Strait of Bonifacio. Apparently broccoli is good for the but I do believe that some regulations are onerous and stifleadventurous spirit. SCProfessionalism has had to come with the increased size, costs andoperating budgets of theindustry. When I started yachting, 25m (82') was asuperyacht and we had no crew contracts or agents. Yachting was a less formalaffair with greater interaction between guests and crew, and I believe it wasmore of an adventure because of that. Had you told me 25 years ago that Iwould be managing a floating five-star hotel, I would not have believed it.However, I have made my passion into a career and believe there are nowgreater opportunities for hard-working, professional people with a can-doattitude. One thing I would not change is the owner's enjoyment throughover-regulation. Yachting still needs to be an enjoyable pastime for all onboard. However, I do believe the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA),International Safety Management (ISM) and International Ship and PortFacility Security (ISPS) Code have all been good for the industry.THE CAPTAINS ON. TRAVELWhat are your favourite cruising destinations?JCLos Roques off northern Venezuela as it's off the beaten track and isa beautiful cruising destination. The Grenadines and the Greek andIndonesian islands also top my list.ECThe black volcanic peaks, barrier reefs and sandy beaches of Tahiti aremagical. The BVIs are also enticing - they're safe, green, accessible and havea multitude of anchorages; and, I agree with John, the Los Roques archipelagois remote and enticing. The Ionian Sea also offers an intimate islandexperience, coupled with ancient history. I also love visiting the Côte d'Azur:Golfe Juan feels like home, and something about Monaco's mountains in closeproximity to the sea reminds me of Cape Town. I also love Moorea in The French?Face to face with CallistoPhotography: Ed Holt / Jérôme Kélagopian

26Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2010SCThe owners! I am also a big fan of Feadship quality - they insist on greatmachinery and equipment, fantastic sea-keeping ability and a decent captain'scabin. Callisto is the first Feadship I have worked on and I'm glad it has takenme this long. If my first motoryacht had been a Feadship, I would have hadnothing to look forward to. In my opinion, Feadship is the Rolls-Royce of yachting.What would your ideal yacht be? JCA small sailing yacht in which to travel the world. ECIt depends on the purpose; a 21m (68') modern interpretation ofa Deerfoot for sailing around the world, or an 80m (262') Oceanco for parties.But ultimately, I would take a 50m (164') Feadship any day. It has sufficientcrew to properly man and maintain the vessel to the highest standards, yetits size means it can still slip into many ports around the world.SCAn explorer vessel for world cruising. Ideally the exterior would havea discrete commercial finish that would not draw too much attentionin more remote anchorages. The decks would have a low-maintenancefinish and would be stocked with a good complement of kit and toys.The guest interior would be extremely comfortable and stylish to offsetthe commercial exterior. I'd also ensure spacious, low-maintenance crewaccommodation with single cabins for the officers, a separate studylounge and a crew gym. Reliable machinery with economic fuelconsumption and a long range would complete the package.nThe builds of all three of the yachts in this feature were brokered by CNI's Alex Lees-Buckley. For informationon chartering Hurricane Run, High Chaparral or Callisto, contact your CNI charter broker, see page 6.SCNo comment. I would not want to incriminate the innocent, but if it is legalwe have usually found a way to make it happen.Who would be your top five fantasy charter guests? JCIt would be great to treat my girlfriend and family to the holiday ofa lifetime on board a luxury yacht like this. So I guess I would choose them.ECBarack Obama (he has the potential to positively influence worldpoliticians), Nelson Mandela (a master conciliator), Oprah Winfrey(strong, insightful, inquisitive of the human spirit), Robin Williams (sucha mercurial comedic mind) and Charlize Theron (a beautiful, successfulSouth African icon).SCIt depends which fantasy I am having that day.THE CAPTAINS ON. FEADSHIPSWhat do you most like about your current yacht? JCAt 50m (164'), High Chaparral is the perfect size and is appealing andtastefully designed with some quirky personal touches from her owner. I loveFeadships for their well-conceived design and build. ECHurricane Run is the quietest vessel I have ever worked on. Feadship doesa fabulous job in this respect. The yard creates almost silent power in trulysleek, purposeful vessels. Feadship is uncompromising when it comes toquality. I also love Hurricane Run's Feathercraft sea kayak - it is a great pieceof equipment in which to head off for adventure.Surveying the horizon from Hurricane RunPhotography: Ed Holt / Jérôme Kélagopian