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FREGATE ISLAND, SEYCHELLESFregate Island is the original eco hideaway. Having planted over70,000 indigenous trees, the island's conservation team hasrecreated a natural habitat in which to nurture endangeredspecies. Enjoy everything you would expect from a five-starresort secure in the knowledge that you are not damaging theisland but are, instead, supporting its rehabilitation. nFor further information TOP TIPAdopt a baby Aldabra Giant tortoise at the island's sanctuary, and help preserve its futureSPRING-SUMMER 2010I sea&iI43topfiveSANI BEACH CLUB, GREECE Located on a 1,000-acre ecological reserve on the Kassandrapeninsula, the family owned Sani resort comprises four hotelsand a marina. The resort pledges to continuously improve itsperformance in energy efficiency, renewable energy use,water conservation, waste minimisation and sustainableprocurement. Sani has also undertaken a tree-planting schemein an effort to reforest an area of Halkidiki damaged by forestfires of 2006. For further information visit www.saniresort.grTOP TIPJoin Sani's initiative to plant a tree and leave a growing reminder of your visitRANCHO PACIFICO, COSTA RICAThis luxury resort is a shining example of resourceful,sustainable, responsible hospitality. Its carbon footprint is verylow, its septic systems are non-polluting, electrical outputminimal and materials recyclable. Set on a 250-acre privaterainforest reserve, it is a wonderful place to appreciatenature and learn about a fascinating country while luxuriatingin exotic comfort. For further information, visit TOP TIPConnect with nature during a night hike through the rainforest SASAAB, KENYA Nestled in the remote Samburu area of northern Kenya, you canobserve rare Kenyan wildlife while supporting traditional tribalbush life. Situated on the Ewaso Nyiro River, Sasaab's ninelodges have been built predominantly from recycled materials.Solar panels supply electricity and the gardens provide most ofthe vegetables. There is also a communal dining and living area,and a large pool and spa. Sasaab also supports its local school,and, in time, the lodge will be run by the local community.For further information visit www.sasaab.comTOP TIPVisit a neighbouring village for a rare insight into local culture

abundance of luxury on offer, choosing where to go is no easycall. The following is just a taste. pillow talkThere are a wealth of five-star hotels and palaces. For a senseof style and history, Raffles Hotel, named after the founder ofmodern Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, remains the epitomeof colonial luxury. Here, one travelsback to the golden era of the1930s when writer Somerset Maugham used to haunt the LongBar, where the renowned Singapore Sling cocktail was created,and where clients still throw peanut shells on the floor. Across the river, another classically stylish palace is theFullerton Hotel, the former central post office turned into amagnificent hotel. The Goodwood Park Hotelis another classicdating back to 1900. It has been magnificently restored,welcoming visitors with timeless décor andpeaceful surroundings just a stone's throw from bustling Orchard Road. If shopping is on the agenda, you can head for the recentlycompleted St Regis(located between the amazing BotanicGardens and the beginning of the shopping stretch downOrchard Road), or theShangri-La Resort. Home to one of thelargest collections of artwork in Asia, it is a beacon of luxuryreminiscent of America's best hotels, yet with a modern twist.An alternative is the impeccable Four Seasons, also at the heartof the shopping district. If ease of access from Changi Airport and the main businessdistrict is a concern, conveniently located hotel chains includethe Ritz-Carlton, Milleniaor Marina Mandarin, which sit almostside-by-side and offer stunning views over the Marina Bay area.But for the best view, reserve the top suites at Swissôtel?Below:the Fullerton Hotel Below right:Raffles HotelOpposite: the city skyline at nightsingapore44Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2010singapore's character lies in its constant ability tothrive. A city-state capable of re-inventing itself timeand again, it is a country that anticipates the futureand adapts before others even think of change. Theso called 'Lion City' has its own dash of creativity, identityand intelligence, and is a unique example of societalexperimentation that deserves its alternative nickname of the'Garden City of Asia'.This is a country where cultures and religions co-existwithout issue; where churches sit peacefully beside mosquesand temples. And when tough times hit, not only do the peopleof Singapore hold on tight - with a real sense of belonging -they usually emerge stronger. As such it is a city worth visiting, an appealing place to live,and a country from which to learn. As this tiny island has anAt the crossroads of the world, Singapore is anultra-modern island equallyfamed for being the corporateand financial hub of SoutheastAsia, and for its dedication to quality living ByLaurent Perignon