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68Isea&iIWINTER 2011to the above Michelin-star worthy chefs dedicated to servingyour charter party and the level of luxury and hospitality istruly astounding. But it is not just the yachts themselves that are remarkable,it is also the opportunities they afford. New cruisingdestinations are opening up all the time, so as well as escapinginto pure isolation if the mood takes you, you can also nowexplore remote and celebrated areas that remain beyond thescope of other means of travel. Cruise the pearl-filled watersof Polynesia, encounter the unique creatures of Galapagos,journey to the Arctic to view the world under a shield of ice, orcruise your yacht for a ringside view of the world's most famoussights - Sydney Opera House, the Statue of Liberty, the HongKong skyline or ancient mystical temples along the Turkishcoastline. When it comes to ultimate travel, superyachts verymuch reach sky high. For the finest selection of yachts, visitwww.camperandnicholsons.comA LEAGUE OF THEIR OWNSkimming along the water on a yacht is one thing, plunging todepths of up to 914 metres (3,000 feet) in a pristine ocean isquite another - and the reality is becoming ever more accessible.With three-quarters of the earth's surface being underwater,this is one of the world's largely unexplored terrains and yachtowners and charterers in particular are lining up for the chanceto devote hours of their cruise to journeying vertically, ratherthan just horizontally. The world leader in the design and manufacture of mannedsubmersible technology is SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation.Its self-propelled one-atmosphere, two- to three-person elec-tric submersibles offer dedicated attention to every detail fromthe cabin view to passenger comfort, pilot control, researchtools, artefact recovery, High-Definition video recording, ease ofoperation and, most importantly, safety. Comfortably seated within an acrylic sphere, passengersplunge beneath the waterline to see everything around them inthe wild and wonderful expanse of ocean. Fish and sea lifeswarm around the pod, offering a surreal bird's eye view ofthe underwater world as you travel, and you have completecontrol whether you want to whisk along, or hover gently,giving you the chance to scan the intricate wonders of ashipwreck, or to grab your video camera and record theremarkable sight of a school of dolphins playing mere inchesaway on the other side of the sphere.

WINTER 2011I sea&iI69DEEP IMPACTThere are currently two SEAmagine models to choose from,the smaller lightweight two-person Ocean Pearl model and thelarger three-person Triumph model. These can be customisedto different depths with various equipment to cater for a rangeof budgets and personal goals. The sealed cabin is equippedwith a full life-support system and remains virtually horizontalat all times, meaning unwelcome motion is minimised. But don'tlet the breathtaking 360-degree view and ease of operation foolyou, these machines are built for work and uphold the higheststandards of safety with full ABS class and CISR safety certification.Occupants pilot the craft via a joystick in the cabin and caneven retrieve artefacts from the ocean floor with a robotic armcontrolled from inside the sphere. Alternatively, for shallowdiving and family use, an external piloting option can be fittedto the Ocean Pearl model, meaning two untrained occupantscan travel alone inside the dry cabin while a trained Scuba pilotoperates the submersible externally. ALL ON BOARDJust this summer, SEAmagine launched two of its latest ABSClassed Ocean Pearls featuring a new look while maintainingthe spacious panoramic cabin, along with an extensive arrayof technology and a depth rating of 380 metres (1,250 feet).Designed to be taken aboard superyachts, these submersiblescombine submarine technology with the highest levels oftechnical and logistics support, making it a simple, safe andaccessible way to travel. The submersibles float above thewaterline when on the surface, permitting crew to launch themlike a tender. The submersible can then be docked at the swimdeck and prepared for the dive. There is a large, comfortablehatch for entry and exit, and when the cabin is closed thesubmersiblepowers itself to the dive site and deflates its ballastto begin the dive. The craft are driven underwater by a verticalthruster and, in the highly unlikely case of a propulsion or powerfailure, they always gently float back to surface.More than a novel way to explore, these submersibles arefast becoming an indispensable tool for those monitoring,studying or fascinated by the underwater world. SEAmagineand CNI are currently working as a close team providing thehighest calibre of professional knowledge and assistanceto ensure these exploration adventures are a safe, fun andessential element of any cruise. For more information, visitwww.seamagine.comnfurtherafieldClockwise from far left:the three-person Triumph heads off on anunderwater adventure;passengers prepare tosubmerge in the Triumphmodel; the underwaterworld is just inchesaway; the two-personOcean Pearl model