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WINTER 2011I sea&iI69DEEP IMPACTThere are currently two SEAmagine models to choose from,the smaller lightweight two-person Ocean Pearl model and thelarger three-person Triumph model. These can be customisedto different depths with various equipment to cater for a rangeof budgets and personal goals. The sealed cabin is equippedwith a full life-support system and remains virtually horizontalat all times, meaning unwelcome motion is minimised. But don'tlet the breathtaking 360-degree view and ease of operation foolyou, these machines are built for work and uphold the higheststandards of safety with full ABS class and CISR safety certification.Occupants pilot the craft via a joystick in the cabin and caneven retrieve artefacts from the ocean floor with a robotic armcontrolled from inside the sphere. Alternatively, for shallowdiving and family use, an external piloting option can be fittedto the Ocean Pearl model, meaning two untrained occupantscan travel alone inside the dry cabin while a trained Scuba pilotoperates the submersible externally. ALL ON BOARDJust this summer, SEAmagine launched two of its latest ABSClassed Ocean Pearls featuring a new look while maintainingthe spacious panoramic cabin, along with an extensive arrayof technology and a depth rating of 380 metres (1,250 feet).Designed to be taken aboard superyachts, these submersiblescombine submarine technology with the highest levels oftechnical and logistics support, making it a simple, safe andaccessible way to travel. The submersibles float above thewaterline when on the surface, permitting crew to launch themlike a tender. The submersible can then be docked at the swimdeck and prepared for the dive. There is a large, comfortablehatch for entry and exit, and when the cabin is closed thesubmersiblepowers itself to the dive site and deflates its ballastto begin the dive. The craft are driven underwater by a verticalthruster and, in the highly unlikely case of a propulsion or powerfailure, they always gently float back to surface.More than a novel way to explore, these submersibles arefast becoming an indispensable tool for those monitoring,studying or fascinated by the underwater world. SEAmagineand CNI are currently working as a close team providing thehighest calibre of professional knowledge and assistanceto ensure these exploration adventures are a safe, fun andessential element of any cruise. For more information, visitwww.seamagine.comnfurtherafieldClockwise from far left:the three-person Triumph heads off on anunderwater adventure;passengers prepare tosubmerge in the Triumphmodel; the underwaterworld is just inchesaway; the two-personOcean Pearl model

CNI's Charter Marketing Division (CMD) team is the crucial linkbetween owners, captains, crew and charter brokers, ensuring thatyachts are marketed to their very best potential, that owners and crewhave the support they need, and that the vast network of CNIprofessionals worldwide have the information they need to excel in their job.Here, the members of Monaco's CMD talk about their experiences in theindustry and their role at CNI. Sonia Palfrey, Charter Director CMD EuropeMy first job in yachting was with Ardell Yacht Brokerage in Fort Lauderdale in1978. I was assistant to the company president and was there for a year beforeI decided to go sailing. One of the popular ways of getting work on a boatwas to cook, so I went to the UK and did a course at Le Cordon Bleu London.I worked on several boats before deciding I preferred being land-based, so Iwent to live in Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands where I ran the officeof a bareboat charter company for a year and half. I then went to work forBartram and Brakenhoff in Newport, Rhode Island, where I learned a greatdeal about charter, particularly during the 1983 America's Cup. We took careof the charter needs for mark boats and spectator yachts. That was the yearthey lost the Cup to Australia so during their bid to win back the America's CupI formed a catering/management company to take care of the New York YachtClub's crew house in Fremantle, Australia. I spent three years running myown company - we didn't win the America's Cup but we had a lot of fun. I thenreturned to Newport, Rhode Island, and spent eight years as a manager ofNicholson Yachts clearing house, marketing 75 charter yachts. One way or another I have worked in the yachting industry for more than 30years - most of that time in America and the last eight years in Europe for CNI. Tom Debuse My first yachting experience was capsizing in front of the yacht club in PortMoresby, Papua New Guinea aged five years old. Following my degree atQueensland University, I travelled to Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia, work-ing in publishing and education before settling in France in 1997. I spent aperiod provisioning yachts and meeting captains, crew and brokers beforejoining CNI in 2000. Our tight-knit team deals with an exciting range of people, all of whom areessential to the industry - particularly owners. Meeting and having regularinteraction with them can be demanding, but it is worth the final reward toknow that the season has been a success.We work with 300-plus charter brokers worldwide and they all need instantinformation on the yachts we manage as well as their captains, crew and chefs,cruising regulations and the feasibility of itineraries, all of which is essentialfor them to match the right clients to the right yachts. We excel at providingthe fastest information and best service possible, this enhances our posi-tion and makes achieving our goals easier.Britta AxI started my career as a sales broker's assistant at CNI, and after a year anda half I progressed to the Charter Marketing Division as a yacht manager.Before joining CNI I studied languages and international commerce inGermany and worked in various industries in Germany and France.I have been with CNI for more than seven yearsand have acquired agreatdeal of experience. Our role has changed greatly over recent years; we areno longer simply the booking agent for a yacht. We are constantly exposedto both the yachting industry and wider world and every phone call, email andconversation, particularly during a boat show, reflects on the company. A lotof owners and crew members identify and judge CNI on the basis of its charteryacht managers. Therefore, our work is a constant promotion for CNI. The CMDfleet is the showcase of the company, and we work with hundreds of brokersworldwide. We have to be aware of the legalities in every cruising area andcountry, and we are devoted to assisting owners, crew and/or brokers.Jenny Burgess After studying for a marketing management degree in Manchester, UK, andhaving spent a year as a marketing assistant in Leeds, I knew that marketingwas for me. However, I also had a passion to live in the South of France, so in2005 I moved to Nice and worked as an English teacher.I began working at CNI in 2007 and this enabled me to put my backgroundexperience of marketing into practice within the yachting industry. Ithoroughly enjoy working with people and promoting our fleet of yachts tobrokers. Our role in CMD constantly changes. Every day we negotiate oncharters and deal with alterations to contracts and cruising regulations. We arein constant communication with owners and captains. Every yacht and owneris special and they all require unique care and attention.sea&ichats to the members of CNI's Charter Marketing Divisionin Monaco Teamtalkmonaco70Isea&iIWINTER 2011