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WINTER 2011I sea&iI77shipyardsOpposite page:the 45m (148') Big Fish This page:the 85.6m(280') CakewalkIt is almost impossible to do justice to all the creative talent on display at the recent autumn boat shows, but some of this year's exhibiting yachtsparticularly stood out as must-seesBy Ellie Bradeon board and exploring further afield can make use of the robust6.4m (21') tender. Able to cruise around the globe with only onestop to refuel, this year will see Big Fish embark on a one-yearpolar circumnavigation.CakewalkLENGTH: 85.6M(280') | BUILDER: DERECKTORSHIPYARDSLAUNCHED: 2010| EXHIBITED: FLIBSDebuting at FLIBS, Cakewalk's launch catapulted her into theposition of the biggest private yacht, in volume, ever launchedin America at 85.6m and with a gross tonnage of 2,998. Thesignificance of her delivery to American yacht building made hera focal point at the Fort Lauderdale show.Built by DerecktorShipyards, her exterior design is by Tim Heywood with aclassically traditional yet casual interior by Liz Dalton. Cakewalk cuts a striking figure with her bright blue exteriorand signature Heywood curves. Comprising six decks, includingan owner's deck, there is ample guest space,indoors and out.A grand spiralling staircase links three floors and gives theillusion of floating within each lobby, while guest cabins areconveniently positioned on the main deck. There are threetenders on board including a Limited Edition AquaRiva 100Cento by Riva SpA and a custom limousine designed byHeywood and built by Vikal.?

78Isea&iIWINTER 2011ExumaLENGTH: 50M(164') | BUILDER: PERININAVI| LAUNCHED: 2010EXHIBITED: MONACOYACHTSHOWIn a year of note for Perini Navi, the yard has seen its 50th yachtdelivered and has also welcomed its first motoryacht to its fleet- the 50m Exuma, built under the Picchiotti brand. TheVitruvius motoryacht series is a collaboration between thePerini Navi Group, Philippe Briand and Vitruvius Ltd. Built withexploration in mind, she is able to house numerous pieces ofequipment, such as tenders, jet skis and a 3.6m (12') Hov Podhovercraft, to allow her guests to enjoy the far-off destinationsshe will be able to access. What is more, outdoor spaces havebeen maximised to allow guests to take full advantage whenin sunny climates. Recognisable by her streamlined hull, herdesign was conceived to maximise guest privacy andincorporates a classic maritime interior.Lady ChristineLENGTH: 68M(223') | BUILDER: FEADSHIPROYALVANLENTLAUNCHED: 2010 | EXHIBITED: MONACOYACHTSHOWLady Christine, built by Feadship Royal Van Lent, is a primeexample of what a custom superyacht should be. Years ofresearch by her experienced owners into her Art Deco interiortheme, by Rodney Black Design Studios, is reflected in theattention to detail throughout the yacht and is perfectlyexecuted in every piece of work by the Feadship team. Featuresof note include the faux infinity pool tumbling off the back of theyacht over a green nameplate, and exquisite marquetry scenesin the stairwell on each deck level. Her owners will enjoy aprivate owner's deck, including a full-beam owner's stateroom,as well as features on board including a private cinema and hisand hers personalised studies. MarieLENGTH: 55M(180') | BUILDER: VITTERSLAUNCHED: 2010Marie, the latest yacht from Vitters, has an optimised hulldesign and combines classic lines and high performance,leaving her well placed to compete in superyacht regattas. Herinterior is by David Easton Design and Hoek Design, the brieffor which was owner privacy, with aspects such as a privateowner's deckhouse aft. A light interior combined with traditionalwoodwork reflects a modern interpretation of a classic sailyacht interior. The collection of antiquities, and the baby grandSteinway around which the spacious main salon was designed,are seamlessly incorporated and are the perfect reflection of herClockwise from below:the 50m (164') Exuma;the 68m (223') LadyChristine; the 55m (180')Marie; the 50m (164')Sky; the 60m (196')Solemates; the 56m(183') Panthalassa