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44Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2011BODY CLEANSINGA detox is the perfect way to get your body in shape for summer. Althoughthe body is able to detox naturally through the skin, liver and kidneys,toxins can accumulate and lead to excess weight, stressed skin, digestivedisorders and exhaustion. Stepping out of your routine and signing up for adedicated detox retreat can help with weight loss, stress reduction, skinconditions and flagging energy levels. For more details on the benefits ondetoxing, see page 72. Sea&i recommendsthe Six Senses Sanctuary Retreat, Thailand. TheBody Refuge retreat at the Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket is a seven-dayresults-oriented retreat designed to improve the body's ability to burn fateffectively and increase energy levels. Combining a variety of detoxifyingtreatments, such as Chi Nei Tsang, colonic hydrotherapy, juice-fasting andraw and seafood cuisine, along with cooking classes and daily yoga andmeditation sessions, the programme aims to revive body and mind and helpguests make sustainable changes towards a healthier lifestyle. For information, visit www.sixsenses.comOther well-known detox retreats include Espace Henri Chenot at PalaceMerano in Austria,; the Dr Mosaraf Ali Wellnessprogram at the Castel Monastero Spa in Italy,;and the infamous Chiva Som in Thailand, www.chivasom.comNATURAL FITNESS Many hotels and resorts hosthealth and fitness programmes that incorporatethe unique natural challenges of their surrounding terrains. Think hiking andcycling in mountains, swimming in oceans, lakes and rivers, outdoor gymsand fitness trails that wind through jungle or desert terrain, and yoga inremote and peaceful surroundings. Most offer a variety of programmes tobest suit your level of fitness. High-intensity workouts that incorporatecardiovascular, strength and endurance exercises have become a popularchoice for those who really want to challenge themselves, while others focuson more relaxing activities, such as meditation walks along scenic beachesand alfresco Pilates and yoga lessons. To compliment the wellbeing focusof your holiday, a holistic approach often also incorporates diet, beauty ther-apies, meditation and general health check-ups.Sea&i recommendsLa Réserve Ramatuelle. Located near St Tropez inFrance, this hotel and spa occupies a stunning region between the sea andthe mountains. Throughout the year it runs a five-day Boot Camp, whichinvolves a medical check up, yoga lessons, Nordic walking, and a programmeof tailored spa treatments, complimented by a diet of gourmet spa food.For information, visit www.lareserve-ramatuelle.comFor yoga fans, both in:spa and Destination Yoga offer excellentdestination-based reteats:; Six Senses Sanctuary RetreatEspace Henri Chenot at Palace MeranoLa Réserve RamatuelleLa Réserve Ramatuelle

SPRING-SUMMER 2011I sea&iI45NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFTSThe trend for cosmetic surgery seems to know no bounds and is everincreasingly sought to reverse the ravages of time. However, for those notkeen to encounter the cost, pain and inconvenience of a surgical face lift,there are other safer and healthier options offered by top spas. Sea&i recommendsVaishaly at Four Seasons Hotel Terre Blanche,France. The Vaishaly Signature Facial is a non-invasive anti-ageing treatmentthat transforms the complexion. It targets each muscle group to releasetension and stress from the face and neck. The healing properties of organicessential oils and ingredients, along with a unique massage technique,helps to improve elasticity and tone, boost circulation, eliminate puffiness,define facial contoures and diminish fine lines and wrinkles to reveal aneven, radiant and youthful complexion. For information, visit non-invasive facelift treatments include the new Natural Facelift atThe Spa at La Réserve Geneva. This treatment combines a manual liftingmassagewith an electric suction device to speed the production of collagenand elastin. The treatment is part of a new Better Ageing Programme at LaRéserve Geneva, www.lareserve.chSALT ROOMSThe healing properties of salt have been known for centuries and are stillhonoured at some of today's most modern spas. Many are now recreatingthe microclimate that is found in a natural salt cave and introducing their ownspa caves and grottoes that infuse salt and negative ions into the air. Saltrooms can be either steam or dry, andhave been clinically proven to help thosewith respiratory illnesses and certain skin conditions. Sea&i recommendsLa Via del Sale Medical & Beauty Spa, Relais SanMaurizio, Italy. This spa is named after the salt route upon which the hotelis located and, unsurprisingly, the treatments are based on the therapeuticproperties of salt. Set in a 19th century monastery, the Grotta del Sale is anatural gorge dug deep into the rock, where one can bathe in salt baths thathelp eliminate toxins. The spa has a number of anti-ageing and skin renewalsalt mineral treatments. For information, visit www.relaissanmaurizio.itAlso recommended is the spa at the Aria Resort & Casino in LasVegas, which has a Shio Salt Room featuring a wall of salt bricks. www.ari-alasvegas.comThe Four Seasons Hotel Terre BlancheRelais San MaurizioThe Four Seasons Hotel Terre BlancheLa Réserve Geneva