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The necropolis of Anghelu Rujuin Sassari is one of Sardinia'smost important archaeologicalsites. This vast labyrinth of artificial caves dates from 3000 to1500 BC and was used as a tombNby ancient civilisations.eptune's Grotto is a seriesof caves to the west ofAlghero. Take a scenic boat tripfrom the marina along thecoastline, then descend morethan 600 steps for a 45-minutetour of these fascinating caves. The Su Gorropu Gorge is thedeepest canyon in Europe andwas carved out by the force of theFlumineddu river. You can hire aguide to take you to its depthswhere vast smooth rocks, smallemerald lakes and ponds, and rarespecies of birds abound. Sardinia offers some of thebest diving in Italy, and it's a year-round sport. Large fishare few and far between, but youcan spot plenty of caves, wrecksand corals. Designed by Robert TrentJones Snr, the Pevero GolfClub has an 18-hole, par 72 coursethat is regarded as being amongthe best maintained in Europe.The 34 mile (55 kilometre) stretchof Costa Smeralda coastline isone of the most desirable in theworld, with its emerald waters, whitesands and sympathetically designedbuildings having been inspired bythe Aga Khan in the 1960s. If youfancy dinner or lunch ashore, weaveto gilded hotels the likes of the HotelCala di Volpe, Hotel Pitrizza, HotelRomazzino and Cervo Hotel. The famous Piazzetta in Porto Cervo offers the island's most compelling nightlife options. Or partythe day and night away at Nikki Beachat the Grand Hotel Porto Cervo.Atrip on one of the old TreninoVerde steam trains providesa spectacular view of coastal andinland highlights. Travellingthrough nature (and back in time,as the tracks were laid in 1888), you can rattle along viewing lushforests, craggy mountains, sceniclakes and the picturesque coast-line, stopping en route for aSardinian lunch.The ancient Roman Amphitheatre at Cagliari occupies a spectacular setting and is, today, still used for jazz concerts, international music events and theatrical shows. Forte Village Resort, just a few kilometres from Cagliari is a five-star beach-front resort with a tropical park and Thaermaedel Forte Spa and wellness centre with one-of-a-kind thalassotherapy treatments. Adding to its attractions are 21 gourmet restaurants, more than ten pools, a waterfront loungebar and shopping to parallel a European plaza. islandlifeTORTOLIPORTO CERVOOLBIANUOROSASSARIALGHEROORISTANOIGLESIASLA MADDALENASPRING-SUMMER 2011I sea&iI47CAGLIARIMEDITERRANEAN SEAN

vancouverVancouver is a city where skyscrapers soarheavenwards in an attempt to outreach themountains behind them. In between, at the end oflong streets edged with pavement caf├ęs, designer boutiquesand eclectic stores, strips of Pacific Ocean flashtemptingly. Named after the English sailor Captain George Vancouver,who landed here in 1792, Canada's third largest city currentlyranks fourth in the world for highest quality of life - and aftera few days here it's abundantly clear how it earned its place.This is where Greenpeace was established in the 1970s, andthanks to its natural beauty and celebration of the great outdoorsthe city offers excellent opportunities for hiking, biking,sailing and skiing - the latter of which won it the honour ofhosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. But this is also a city forshopping, nightlife, culture and fine cuisine.Vancouver is an ideal destination for a relaxed and inspiredcity visit on a Pacific Northwest cruise, or if you're heading upto Alaska, but the region also lends itself to longer visits, whichcan embrace the nearby legendary ski resort of Whistler, or thespectacular Canadian Rockies.PILLOW TALKThe Pan Pacifichas one of Vancouver's finest views as it sitsatop a pier overlooking the harbour, Coastal Mountain Range,Stanley Park and the city skyline. But scenic settings comeaplenty in this city. The Shangri-Laoccupies the first 15 floorsof the tallest building in Vancouver, and many of the rooms haveprivate balconies and boast the largest bathrooms in the city,complete with televisions. The waterfront penthouse at theGranville Island Hotelis also loved for its wraparound balcony,Jacuzzi tub, fireplace and sky-lit glass and marble shower. Orwind your way through the waterfalls and gardens of RobsonSquare to the landmark, family-run Wedgewood Hotel & Spa.This award-winning boutique property has 83 rooms and suites48Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2011