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ALBANIAGREECEPELOPONNESECEPHALONIALEVKASITHACAZAKINTHOSCORFUANTI PAXOSPAXOSThessalonikiMt. OlympusAthensCorinth Canal56Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2011artists, composers and poets. Corfu town is relativelycosmopolitan and a great place to sit at a taverna and observethe passing scenes, while the island's coastline has stunningcoves to lure travellers wishing to escape the crowded resortbeaches. But it is the interior of the island that reveals Corfu'strue character. Lush vegetation, rural villages and farms andcountless olive and fruit trees abound. South of Corfu town,sample fantastic mezze at Taverna Nikolas on Agni Beach, orjoin the yachting crowd at the favourite waterfront haunt ofMitsos Taverna in Nissaki. Later, set sail for the buzzing beaches and quiet covesof Paxos, taking in the imposing Emiritis Cliffs that dropdramatically to the sea along the northwest coast of Paxos.The island, which spans just seven by two miles, combinespicturesque simplicity with an easy pace of life. Olive andcypress-clad hills gently slope into a crystal-clear sea, anddotted along these shores are small coves and bays and thethree main harbours - Gaios, Loggos and Lakka. Lying just offthe island's south coast is a tiny islet called Anti Paxos.Endowed with a multitude of green vegetation, it has twobeautiful beaches - Vrika and Voutoumi - at its north end.The islet is a haven for watersports enthusiasts. Spend theafternoon anchored in one of the many secluded coves beforecruising on to Levkas.Here you can wander through wooded hills and along highcliffs and spot an abundance of wildlife. The island is a paradisefor windsurfers, sailors and beach lovers. Reliable winds in thesouth of the island at Vassiliki provide some of the best wind-surfing conditions in Europe, while the deep coves andturquoise-coloured bays of Meganissi, the largest islet in thesouthern part of the island, are ideal for watersports. To the eastof Levkas, an archipelago of islets provides idyllic anchorages.During the evening, step ashore to Levkas Town where thestreets have a hip atmosphere, particularly during theInternational Arts Festival in August. From Levkas,it is an easy cruise to Homer's Ithaca. For centuriesthis quintessential Greek island has been synonymous witha hero of epic proportions: Odysseus. Virgin green hillsidestumble to a string of deserted coves with white, pebblybeaches, some of which can only be reached by sea and whichprovide an ideal secluded anchorage. Explore the Cave of theNymphs, where Odysseus is said to have hidden gifts, thefountain of Arethusa, and Odysseus' palace. Serious nightlifeon Ithaca is non-existent, but the bijou ports are a showcaseof charming Greek caf├ęs and tavernas. For the St Tropez of the Ionian, hop over to Cephalonia'snorthernmost port, Fiskardo. Spared by the earthquake thatalmost destroyed the whole island in 1953, this intimatePrevious page andabove:the Ionian offers countless deserted bays andintriguing coves to discover by yacht or kayak ?MORE TO SEE.For an extended itinerary, begin (or end) your charter in Athens, home to some of themost spectacular historical sites in Greece. From there you can cruise through the CorinthCanal, past mainland Greece's beautiful Mediterranean landscapes of citrus and olivegroves, and on to the Ionian Sea. ADRIATIC SEASUGGESTED ITINERARYDay 1Corfu to Paxos (30 nautical miles) Day 2Paxos to Anti Paxos to Levkas (35 nautical miles) Day 3Levkas to Meganissi to Levkas (8 nautical miles) Day 4Levkas to Ithaca (28 nautical miles) Day 5Ithaca to Cephalonia (17 nautical miles) Days 6 & 7Cephalonia to Zakinthos (46 nautical miles) In order to preserve the underwater archaeology,independent diving is forbidden off the coasts of all theislands. If you wish to explore Greece's underwater world,your CNI charter broker can recommend a number of reliablediving schools.

aboardashoreSHERAKHAN69.95m (229'3) 26 guests from ?395,000 perweekSherakhan boasts a contemporary interior with outstandingfeatures, including a huge open main saloon that is bathed withnatural light filtered through the glass-bottomed Jacuzzi on herlarge sun deck. Sherakhan is a spectacular yacht for fun-filledcharters in the Ionian. YACHTS CHARTERING IN THE EAST MEDITERRANEAN THIS SUMMER SHERAKHAN69.95m (229'3) 26 guests from ?395,000 per weekSherakhan boasts a contemporary interior with outstandingfeatures, including a huge open main saloon that is bathed withnatural light filtered through the glass-bottomed Jacuzzi on herlarge sun deck. Sherakhan is the ideal yacht for fun-filled chartersin the Ionian. ELISABETH F53m (173'1) 12 guests from ?200,000 per weekCombining open and covered deck space with great internal volume, Elisabeth F is dedicatedto relaxation and socialising. Both her sun deck, with large dining and lounging areas, andher vast main aft deck ensure outdoor living at its best.HANA43m (141') 10 guests from ?135,000 per weekHana is the perfect charter yacht onwhich to relax and have fun. Her largewindows pour natural daylight into themodern interior, her master cabin has aprivate balcony, and she has a gym,oversized swim platform and anexcellent range of water toys. Hanasleeps 10 guests in four double cabinsand one twin cabin with Pullman berth. SAI RAM51.9m (169'1) 12 guests from ?210,000 per weekBuilt by the renowned Benetti yard, Sai Ram is an exemplary chartervessel packed with innovative and exhilarating features. She hasa spacious, stylish interior, and her deck areas include a large sundeck with sun beds, Jacuzzi, sofas, a bar and a dining area. MAGNA GRECIA58.5m (192') 12 guests from ?200,000 per weekMagna Grecia has the space to giveher guests everything a charteryacht should. Her interior is awonderful combination of luxuryand understated elegance. She hascomfortable staterooms and avariety of secluded and publicareas for entertaining, socialisingand fun. PANTHALASSA56m (184') 12 guests from ?200,000 per weekThe award-winning Panthalassa is a fusion of contemporary living and the finest nauticalheritage. From her naval architecture and engineering to interior space planning, she combines21st century innovation and intelligent design.SPRING-SUMMER 2011I sea&iI57