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If you are looking to add a dose of healthy living to your char-ter,there are several ways to maximise wellbeing while onboard a superyacht. Whether you are looking for occa-sional pampering spa treatments or a complete changeof lifestyle, experts are on hand to deliver everything from theultimate spa experience to fitness training and nutritionaladvice. You can either bring on board your own personal dieti-cians, fitness trainers and therapists for all, or part, of your char-ter, or you can step ashore to experience treatments at destina-tion spas in your charter area.Fitness facilitiesA superyacht can be a private arena for all manner of fitnessactivities. The ocean is an endless source of activity, be itswimming, diving, snorkelling or water sports, and even themotion of a yacht can tone muscles and improve core balancethe entire time you are on board. Then there are the spacious,view-blessed decks that lend themselves to a session of yogaor Pilates. Depending on your location, yoga and a range ofoutdoor activities can also be arranged on the beach. Furthermore, many yachts are now equipped with gyms thatfeature as many types of equipment as might be found in your gymat home, including fixed resistance machines. Several of thelarger yachts have qualified personal trainers among their crew,or you could bring your own personal trainer. Bear in mind,however, that this option is only realistic on board one of thelarger superyachts where spacious accommodation enables ateam to accompany you. James Duigan (see page 96) is a world-renowed personaltrainer who works with the likes of international model andbusinesswoman Elle Macpherson, and Victoria Secret's modeland actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Duigan calls hispersonal trainingphilosophy 'Bodyism', and the resultsspeak for themselves. Duigan regularly accompanies his clientson board their yachts to maintain their training regime. "Formany people, a holiday is a unique window of opportunity to kickstart a healthy lifestyle away from the demands and pressuresof their working life," James explains. "Every client is unique andmy programmes are tailored to individual needs. Of course, ona superyacht daily fitness activities will depend on location anditinerary but may include running on the beach, hiking in themountains, circuit training on board or on the beach, and swim-ming in the sea, interspersed with yoga or Pilates sessions." Nutritional supportYour chef can discuss nutritional requirements with you or yourtrainer and can tailor your meals to complement a healthylifestyle. You can still enjoy gourmet treats, and it's always upto you to decide what, and how much, you want. If you decideto take your health to another level, your chef can support adetox diet (which, despite eliminating cream, sugar, butter andsalt, still tastes delicious) and can demonstrate how to prepareappetising meals and provide alternative suggestions for yourdiet once you return home. Wellbeing treatments The ocean is one of nature's most restful environments, easilyinspiring relaxation and reflection. To optimise this, severalsuperyachts in the CNI fleet have their own dedicated spa areas(see page 26). Other yachts have cabins that can be transformedinto relaxing venues for daily massages and beauty treatments. For ultimate on-board pampering, many clients opt for regularmassage therapies during their charter. Massage has a deepereffect than simply relaxing the muscles - scientists haveshown it also reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increasesthe anti-pain hormone serotonin. A handful of superyachts havecrew members that are trained as massage and beauty therapists,but your CNI charter broker can also arrange for specialists tocome on board during your cruise. Heather Hawthorne is onesuch example, travelling the world as a spa therapist-in-residence."A yachting holiday is the perfect time to relax andfocus on your health and wellbeing," confirms Heather. "Spatreatments tend to enhance relaxation and personal enjoymentmore than any other activity on board."Hawthorne tailors holistic and therapeutic treatments aroundyour charter itinerary. As a guideline, she suggests incorporat-ing daily massages - either in your stateroom, on deck or on thebeach - with wraps and facials. nFor more information on chartering in the Ionian islands, or wellbeingcharters, please contact your nearest CNI charter broker, see page 6SPRING-SUMMER 2011I sea&iI61aboardashoreTransform your charterinto the ultimate wellbeingexperience