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INDIA'S SPIRITUAL SHREYAS YOGA RETREAT An hour's drive from India's Bangalore International Airport, more than 25 acres ofbeautiful green lawns, palm trees and soothing pools strung with neon pink andorange petals make way for what is undoubtedly one of the world's most respectedyoga retreats. Whether you're a beginner or highly experienced in yoga, you canimmerse yourself in every aspect of this ancient practice in a setting conducive tocomplete serenity. Accommodated in a cottage or an elegantly designed tent in the grounds, you canfill your days with Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, as well as exploring manyother yogic disciplines, including pranayama (breathing) sacred chants, mouna(silence) and pratyahara (a form of preparatory meditation). Yoga is renowned for inspiring a host of health benefits, including more tonedmuscles, improved fitness, enhanced balance, weight loss, stress reduction anddeep relaxation. It has even been reported to help relieve certain health conditions,the likes of insomnia, depression and anxiety. As well as these physical andtherapeutic benefits, the Shreyas retreat also gives you the chance to reflect andenjoy a slower pace of life, meaning you'll return home with a reinforced sense ofemotional and spiritual clarity. The retreat is the perfect place to escape the outsideworld and has been designed specifically with this in mind, with the architectureof the buildings honouring the natural environment. Added to this, rainwaterIndulgence and quality time are rarely natural bedfellows with excellent wellbeing but the partnership is increasingly beingperfected thanks to a growing number of luxury resorts marrying diet, detox and fitness with first-class accommodation. Here,sea&iprofiles three leading, and completely diverse, health-focused holiday experiences.&70Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2011holiday wellbeingBodyMind SoulMost holidaysleave us refreshedand relaxed butsome breaks go a step further interms of health,taking diet, fitnessand wellbeing to new extremesByKate RigbyTop right: the Shreyaspool at night Right: daily yogainstruction takes place in the most scenic of settings

harvesting, solar heating, ayurvedic and medicinal herb plantations, organicwaste disposal and organic farming guarantee an all-round eco focus. The latteralso ensures the healthiest of diets, with all meals being prepared withorganically grown ingredients hand-picked from the surrounding fields. The retreat also caters for other aspects of wellbeing, with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi,steam room, gym and spa. Although simple, the latter is regarded as being among thefinest in India, and offers a range of massages including Thai, Indonesian, Swedish,Ayurvedic, aromatherapy and deep tissue. You can also indulge in body scrubs, facials,manicures and pedicures to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Shreyas also runs 14- and 21-night weight-management programmes that aim forhealthy long-term weight loss. Experts guide you in the knowledge that ahealthier life combines both physical and mental disciplines - from the foodsyou chose to the activities you undertake, and even the esteem with which youregard yourself. Yoga is combined with healthy cuisine, slimming Ayurvedic therapies,brisk walks, gym workouts and swimming to ensure you achieve your goals.Counselling is also provided to help you set realistic targets and to advise you whichactivities and spa treatments would best support your programme.Despite the beautiful surroundings, charming accommodation and opportunityto relax, this is less a holiday and more a valuable opportunity to take time toreassess your life and work towards a healthier mind and body. For more information, visit www.shreyasretreat.comSPRING-SUMMER 2011I sea&iI71health&beautyHOLIDAY HEALTH HIGHLIGHTSqImproved competence in yoga qA more toned, strengthened bodyqA healthier diet qWeight lossqImproved mental clarity and relaxation?