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NorthIslandSouthIslandStewartIslandThree Kings IslandsBay of PlentyCookStraitPegasus BayCanterbury BightFoveaux StraitTasmanBayGolden BayKaipara HarbourBay of IslandsDoubtless BayHaurakiGulfHawkeBayAhauraAhiparaAkaroaAlexandraAorangiArarataAwakinoBluffCheviotClydeColvilleFairlieGlenavyGranityHaastHaheiHalfmoon BayHampdenHarihariHawardenHeriotHicks BayHindsHokitikaHouhoraHuntlyKaihuKaikouraKaitangataKuaotunuKurowLumsdenMahiaMaketuManapouriMangawhaiMatapouriMethvenMiltonMitimitiMohakaMorvenMotuMuriwaiOhaiOhakuneOriniOtautauOtematataOtiraOwakaPalmerstonPongaroaPorangahauPort JacksonPoutoPunarukuRahotuRakaiaReeftonRehiaRiversdaleRiwakaRockvilleRossRoxburghRuapukeSeftonTahoraTakahueTapanuiTauhoaTaurikuraTe AnauTe KahaTe KaoTe NgaireTe PakiTempletonTemukaThorntonTihoiTikitikiTokomaru BayTolaga BayTuaiTuatapereTuparoaTutiraWaiauWaikawaWaikouaitiWaiotapuWairoaWaitaangaWakefieldWanakaWardWhataroaTaurangaQueenstownChristchurchDunedinGreymouthHamiltonInvercargillRotoruaTimaruNew PlymouthWestportGoreOamaruNelsonDargavilleBlenheimHikurangiHaweraWaiukuPoriruaCastlecliffUpper HuttWanganuiTeKuitiTe AwamutuPalmerstonNorthMastertonPaeroaTaihapeWhangamataTaupoWaipawaHastingsNapierOpotikiGisborneAucklandWellingtonfurtherafieldSPRING-SUMMER 2011I sea&iI79harbours and beautiful beaches. From here, it is just a shortcruise to the Bay of Plenty with its long stretches of beach andsecluded bays. To the north of the island, the aptly namedNorthland reflects a strong Maori heritage and is home tonumerous sites of historical interest. For information on chartering in New Zealand, contact your nearest CNIcharter broker, see page 6. For information on the Rugby World Cup 2011, visitwww.rugbyworldcup.comnOpposite page:from diving to kayaking to hiking,New Zealand is nature's ultimateadventure playground SAMPLE ITINERARY CHRISTCHURCHTOWELLINGTON(160 NAUTICALMILES) From Christchurch, cruise up the coastline of South Islandto Wellington. Pass a landscape of spectacular views alongthe snow-capped Kaikoura Mountain Range and look out forschools of dolphins and the giant sperm whales that migrateto feed in the waters off the coast of Kaikoura.WELLINGTON, NORTHISLANDCruise through the narrow passage by Barrett Reef intoWellington Harbour and step ashore to the city that hasreinvented itself as a mecca for gourmands. Here you will findmore bars, restaurants and cafés per head than in New York. WELLINGTONTONAPIER(196 NAUTICALMILES) Depart late afternoon and watch the sun set behind thesnow-capped Mount Tapuae-O-Uenuku at the top of SouthIsland. Cruise up the Wairarapa Coast to Napier.NAPIERTOTAURANGA(220 NAUTICALMILES) Cruise up the Hawke's Bay coastline and pass the MahiaPeninsula and Poverty Bay, before rounding the East Capeand White Island. Cruise on until you can step ashore inTauranga and walk to Mount Maunganui and the townboasting a famous café culture and white-sand beaches.Alternatively, the thermal wonderland of Rotorua, a centrefor Maori culture, is just an hour's drive away.TAURANGATOAUCKLAND(130 NAUTICALMILES) Set between two harbours, Auckland is the ideal gatewayto the nearby Hauraki Gulf and Bay of Plenty. The shelteredwaters are ideal for yachting and recreational fishing and thearea has long been a great venue for yachting regattas, suchas the America's Cup. Cruise slowly past the WhangaparaoaPeninsula, Kawau Island, Little Barrier Island, Great BarrierIsland, and the Poor Knights Islands - famous for divingand fishing.Photography: All rights reserved

80Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2011Sailing yachts have many attributes to recommendthem, but for true fans the real clincher is that, unlikemotoryachts, they can race. Cutting-edge technologyand today's impressive building and design expertisemean that the new generation of sailing yachts areincreasingly efficient and fast, a sure draw for the competitive owner.What is more, there are ever-more opportunities to push them to thelimit. Superyacht sailing regattas are constantly gaining popularity,throwing participants right in the heart of the action. The St Barth'sBucket, now in its 25th year, attracted a record 38 entries for its2011 regatta, with the number of entrants applying climbing yearThere may be fewer sailing superyachts than motoryachts, but their appeal isundeniable. Thanks to their greener credentials and racing potential, they willremain a popular choice for a long time to comeBy Ellie BradeaSwaial y on year. Other events on the racing calendar include the SuperyachtCup and the Loro Piano Superyacht Regatta, both celebrating thecamaraderie and spirit for which the sailing yacht community isfamous. But before you launch into the world of regattas, you needto find the ultimate sailing yacht.Design - classic versus modernMotoryacht design concepts tend to monopolise the market, butthere are more than enough impressive sailing yacht conceptsavailable to those who do their research. The pendulum ofcurrent designs swings between classic and modern. sailing yacht focus