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SPRING-SUMMER 2011I sea&iI83newconceptsResponses to changing trends, technologies and demandsfrom owners have seen increasingly innovative and beautifulyachts being built. One notable trend over the last decade isthe popularity of large sailing yachts. Launches in 2010included six sailing yachts greater than 50m (164') in length,while the average length of sailing yachts launched the sameyear was 39.7m (130'). The longest sailing superyacht in the world is currently the92.9m (305') Eos, built by L├╝rssen in 2006, closely followedby the 90m (295') Athena, built by Royal Huisman in 2004, andthe 88m (288') Maltese Falcon, built by Perini Navi in 2006. Allthree will be significantly trumped in length, however, by the141m (463') all-wood schooner, Dream Symphony, which wasrecently given the green light for construction by Turkish yardDream Ship Victory. Work on the yacht begins this year and sheis due to be delivered in 2016. Dream Symphony's naval architecture is by Dykstra &Partners and her exterior by Ken Freivokh Design. Consideringthe vast quantities of wood that will be required for herconstruction, it is fortunate that Dykstra & Partners havepledged to use a unique technology using tropical woodsourced from renewable forests. Another 'biggest-ever' will be delivered in the form of thevoluminous 44.2m (145') catamaran Hemisphere, which isbeing completed at British yard Pendennis. Upon her launchin 2011, she will take the title of largest cruising catamaran inthe world.Continuing the theme of sailing yachts with large LOAs, inMarch this year Alloy Yachts launched the 67.2m (220') Vertigo,designed by Philippe Briand with an 'urban at sea' interior byCristian Liagre. She is not just the largest yacht built by theyard, but also the biggest luxury sailing yacht to be constructedin the Southern Hemisphere. Two other sailing yachts over 60m (197') making anappearance this year are the 66m (217') Dubois-designedsloop (unnamed at time of going to press) from Vitters,which launched in March, and the 66m ketch Panamax fromBaltic Yachts. The yachts being delivered now are, of course, those thatwere ordered before and on the brink of the recession. Assome owners are now opting for more modest investmentsin today's market, some decrease in the size of yachts is tobe expected in the future. However, despite the recenteconomic downturn, which had a profound effect on thesuperyacht market, sailing yachts are continuing to hold theirown on the order books. Maintaining its enduring appeal, thesailing yacht market seems set to continue sailing forth intoexciting new territories. nFor further information on sailing yachts and the CNI sales fleet see page80, or contact your nearest CNI sales broker, see page 6.

The superyacht brokerage market currently has 127 sailing yachts over 30m(98') available for sale. At the time of going to press, the distributionbetween motoryachts and sailing yachts was an 80/20 split - to beprecise, 81% motoryachts and 19% sailing yachts. The last few years havereflected no significant difference in this balance, despite relatively betterbusiness performance from new sailing yachts, possibly as a result of growingenvironmental concerns spreading throughout the world and the industry. Ten per cent of the sailing yachts over 30m (98') on the market were built in2010; 54% were built between 2000 and 2009; and the remainder in 1999 orbefore. Twenty four are priced in dollars, while 103 are priced in euros orsterling, showing that the sailing-yacht market remains predominantly European. Over the past few years, sailing yachts have, on average, accounted for just over10% volume of all brokerage deals. Compared with the business generated bysales of motoryachts, sailing yachts account for just over 10% of the value of alldeals and this has remained consistent for the last few years. In 2010, 22 sailingyachts were sold, with CNI being involved in a number of these sales. nFor further information on any of the sailing yachts in the CNI sales fleet, or any other sailingyacht enquiries, contact your nearest CNI sales broker, see page 6. CNI has been involved with more than a third of completed sailing yacht sales since the beginning of 2011. With the following listings on the books,this successful run looks set to continuethroughout the yearByMiriam Cain PLAINSAILINGsuper sailing yachts 84Isea&iISPRING-SUMMER 2011