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Nicholsonswww.camperandnicholsons.comMM28m/90', Pershing, 2008MICHAEL PAYNE%+377 97 97 77 00?mp@mon.cnyachts.comMACA28.3m/92'1, Benetti Sail Division, 2008 S. CHRISTENSEN%+34 971 40 33 11? M. PAYNE%+377 97 97 77 00? HORIZON19.8m/64'1, Princess V65', 2002CHARLES EHRARDT%+33 (0)4 92 912 912?ce@ant.cnyachts.comAQUILA27.6m/90'6, Sanlorenzo, 2008/2009MICHAEL PAYNE%+377 97 97 77 00?mp@mon.cnyachts.comNOVELA29.7m/97'5, CBI Navi, 2000 CHARLES EHRARDT%+33 (0)4 92 912 912?ce@ant.cnyachts.comCHRISTINE OF LONDON 29.2m/95'1, Ferretti, 2003 DAVID SEAL%+377 97 97 77 00? PRICED REDUCED BY 40%NEW CENTRAL AGENCYNEW CENTRAL AGENCYNEW CENTRAL AGENCYNEW TO THE MARKETAsking price ?3,350,000Asking price ?650,000Asking price ?5,900,000Asking price ?4,900,000Asking price ?3,950,000Asking price ?2,500,000

What essential items do you take when you travel.In your hand luggage en route? Nuts to snack on. I panic without food andthe meals on planes don't exactly fill me with joy. I also take a bottle of waterand my wife's moisturiser. And an iPad with all the books and shows thatI am following at that time.In your suitcase for when you arrive? A pair of Orlebar Brown shorts. Youcan swim in them and they dry within minutes so you can go straight to lunch.Also, a packet of Bodyism Body Serenity supplement to help me sleep.What essential items would you advise a client to use to stay fit onboard a superyacht?A Bodyism exercise band to keep their muscles toned and their back healthy.I also think all yachts with a gym should have a Jacobs Ladder. It's a greatexercise climbing system, and ten minutes a day on this is enough to keepanyone fit.What's the first thing you do when you arrive at a new destination? If I'm by the ocean, I dive in and snort the sea water - Elle Macpherson taughtme this; it completely clears your head. Otherwise, I take a long shower andthen stretch for ten minutes to rebalance my body.What favourite destinations would you recommend for:A luxury one-night/weekend stay? From London you can't beat Verdura inSicily. You can be there in a few hours and it's absolutely stunning - abeautiful and relaxing island resort.A week's charter? The Maldives. A fitness holiday? All the One&Only resorts have incredible gyms andfantastic cuisine. I can't think of anywhere better or more beautiful totransform your health and body.The ultimate wellbeing experience? Six Senses Resorts know what they'redoing when it comes to wellbeing. They create innovative and enlighteningexperiences for guests in some of the most beautiful settings in the world. Itis an enriching holiday on so many levels and they deliver it all in aneco-friendly way, so it's good karma, too.What inspires you to travel? Food is one of my greatest motivators to travel; I love discovering newflavours. Sampling the local cuisine is always a great way to experience newcultures and places. And I love to meet people - it is amazing to connect withthem and see what makes them tick.What's your one piece of foolproof advice when it comes to keeping fit andhealthy while travelling? Take a Bodyism trainer with you. If you can't do that, start exercising on yourfirst day. That will get you into a routine right from the start, otherwise it's anuphill battle. Always remember your body loves to move, even on holiday.What dream destination have you yet to visit?I would love to go on safari at Ol Seki Mara Camp in Kenya. I have heard fromso many people that it is one of the most amazing experiences they haveever had. What is your favourite destination? Australia, because my family are there, otherwise the Maldives or Thailandfor their breathtaking beauty, wonderful people and incredible food.Do you relax on holiday or try to jam in as much as possible?I relax, otherwise what's the point of a holiday?Travel light or pack the kitchen sink? I always travel light, no matter where I'm travelling. I take a couple of T-shirts, a few pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, a smart jacket (which I wear on the plane), one pair of casual shoes and a pair of trainers. I haven'tchecked in baggage for more than ten years and I travel at least twice a monthall year, every year. It makes travelling so much easier and more enjoyableif you learn to pack light.nFor information on Bodyism, visit www.bodyism.com96I sea&iI SPRING-SUMMER 2011thelastwordbeforeyou go James Duigan, founder of Bodyism and personal trainer to the stars, talks travel