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AUTUMN 2011 Isea&iI 17oncharterCharterers searching for a romantic, adrenaline-fuelled cruise are usually steered towards sailingyachts. However, this doesnÕt always narrow the search as they vary greatly from one another inmany ways, including performance, comfort, style and space. However, for charterers looking to sailthe seas aboard a yacht with a celebrated nautical heritage, while surrounded by stylish, spacious andopulent interiors and entertainment facilities, thereÕs one obvious choice Ñ a Perini Navi. Perini NaviÕsare renowned for combining style and elegance with outstanding performance, thus they are a perfectchoice for the discerning charterer who wishes to sail in style. CNI has a fantastic rangeof charming and luxurious Perini Navis available this winter in locations where you can reallyopen up the sails and experience the thrill that is open-sea sailing.THE ARTFUL SAILOR Panthalssa Fusing contemporary living with nautical heritage,Panthalassa was launched to great acclaim in 2010.From her naval architecture and engineering to herinterior space, Panthalassa combines 21st centuryinnovation with intelligent design. Her flexible,multi-functional spaces offer a host of loungingopportunities for guests. ?Length56m (183Õ73)?Guests12?Cruising area Caribbean (winter)?Prices fromUS$200,000 per weekParsifal III Parsifal III has a proven charter record. Her modernaluminium hull is complemented by an upbeatcontemporary interior by Remi Tessier, featuringbeautifully crafted woods with hints of leather andstainless steel. She has vast outside space completewith Jacuzzi and barbecue area, ideal for entertainingor sunning.?Length54m (177Õ17)?Guests12?Cruising areaCaribbean (winter)?Prices fromUS$245,000 per weekNorthern Spirit Combining exceptional performance and charm,Northern Spirit has all the elegance of the classicPerini Navi breed: outstanding performance undersail, fabulous deck areas and a classical interiorcomplete with warm cherrywood panelling.?Length37m (121Õ39)?Guests 6?Cruising area West Mediterranean (winter)?Prices from?52,000 per weekHelios Helios has all the attributes of her 50m+ (164Õ)sisterships. Her classic interior, featuring brightfabrics and contrasting dark woods, offers amplespace for relaxing and lounging in absolute comfort.The raised pilothouse, oversized deck areas andshaded aft deck are ideal for entertaining.?Length45.3m (148Õ62)?Guests10?Cruising area Caribbean (winter)?Prices fromUS$150,000 per weekSelne Selene sets new standards in design and opulence.The sheer size of her master cabin is stunning, whileher sumptuous Art Deco interior allows for luxuriousentertaining. Her oversized swim platform is perfectfor making the most of the clear waters of theCaribbean Sea.?Length56m (183Õ73)?Guests 12?Cruising areaCaribbean (winter)?Prices from?189,000 per week

18Isea&iIAUTUMN 2011JEWEL IN THE CROWN The Caribbean long ago established itself as the ideal destinationfor winter cruising. With its clear waters, mesmerising marine life, hot tem-peratures and picture-perfect beaches, it is easy to understand how it hascome to claim its 'winter destination' crown. CNI has a fantastic line up ofyachts that will be circling Caribbean waters this winter, including the 69.65m(228.51') Sherakhan, the 62.5m (205') Icon, the 60m (196'8) St Ekaterina,the 56m (183'7) Panthalassa, the 56m (183'7) Selene, the 54.2m (177'8)Maraya, the 54m (177'1) Parsifal III, the 53.5m (175'5) Hurricane Run, the 50m(164') Jo, the 50m (164') Lady M, the 49.9m (163'7) Lady Ann Magee, the49.08m (161') Anjilis, the 41m (134'5) Silver Cloud, the 40.23m (131'9) MonteCarlo, the 39.64m (130') Lionshare, the 36.58m (120') Chosen One, the35.97m (118') Savannah, the 34.11m (111.9') Symphony II and the 29.35m(96'2) Serenity Now. CULTURAL AWAKENING A cluster of islands that are perfect to sail around, the Bahamas not onlyoffers beautiful reefs and white sands but many of its island shores are brim-ming with fascinating history. Guests can discover all its attractions aboardone of many CNI yachts heading to the region this winter, including the 64.5m(211'6) Silver Angel, the 51.4m (168'6) Lazy Z, the 40.23m (131'9) Life's FinestII, the 37.85m (124'1) Casuarina, the 34.47m (113') Top Times 113, the 30.48m(100') Insatiable, the 30.48m (100') Georgiana and the 21.95m (72') Lola B.For information on cruising the Bahamas, see page 54