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18Isea&iIAUTUMN 2011JEWEL IN THE CROWN The Caribbean long ago established itself as the ideal destinationfor winter cruising. With its clear waters, mesmerising marine life, hot tem-peratures and picture-perfect beaches, it is easy to understand how it hascome to claim its 'winter destination' crown. CNI has a fantastic line up ofyachts that will be circling Caribbean waters this winter, including the 69.65m(228.51') Sherakhan, the 62.5m (205') Icon, the 60m (196'8) St Ekaterina,the 56m (183'7) Panthalassa, the 56m (183'7) Selene, the 54.2m (177'8)Maraya, the 54m (177'1) Parsifal III, the 53.5m (175'5) Hurricane Run, the 50m(164') Jo, the 50m (164') Lady M, the 49.9m (163'7) Lady Ann Magee, the49.08m (161') Anjilis, the 41m (134'5) Silver Cloud, the 40.23m (131'9) MonteCarlo, the 39.64m (130') Lionshare, the 36.58m (120') Chosen One, the35.97m (118') Savannah, the 34.11m (111.9') Symphony II and the 29.35m(96'2) Serenity Now. CULTURAL AWAKENING A cluster of islands that are perfect to sail around, the Bahamas not onlyoffers beautiful reefs and white sands but many of its island shores are brim-ming with fascinating history. Guests can discover all its attractions aboardone of many CNI yachts heading to the region this winter, including the 64.5m(211'6) Silver Angel, the 51.4m (168'6) Lazy Z, the 40.23m (131'9) Life's FinestII, the 37.85m (124'1) Casuarina, the 34.47m (113') Top Times 113, the 30.48m(100') Insatiable, the 30.48m (100') Georgiana and the 21.95m (72') Lola B.For information on cruising the Bahamas, see page 54

oncharteralternative [destinations]For those who want to cruise a different coursethis winter, CNI has a number of yachts in lesstraditional locations.SILVER ANGEL IN THE INDIAN OCEANThe 64.5m (211'7) Silver Angel is heading tothe Indian Ocean this winter. Vast in size,appeal and potential, she is probably thehighest-volume yacht of her length inexistence and is perfect for world cruising.Herinterior is elegant and sleek while her exterioroffers an impressive array of dining andrelaxation areas. ?Length64.5m (211Õ7)?Guests 12?Charter areaIndian Ocean (winter)?Prices fromUS$450,000 per weekMARGAUX IN THE SOUTH PACIFICThe graceful Margaux is chartering in theSouth Pacific this winter. Margaux's quality,attention to detail and uniqueness perfectlycompliment her remarkable engineeringinnovations, making her an outstandingyacht for both performance and luxury.?Length35.7m (117Õ1)?Guests6?Charter areaSouth Pacific (winter)?Prices fromUS$59,000 per weekSTELLA NOVA INSCANDINAVIAAfter a summer cruising Stockholm'sarchipelago, Stella Nova's northern Europevoyage is set to continue this winter.Originally built for the prince of Sweden inthe 70s, Stella Nova is a distinctive andcharming yacht on which charterers canexperience the magical Baltic Sea.?Length27.22m (89Õ3)?Guests8?Charter areaScandinavia (winter)?Prices from?34,000 per weekHANA IN THE RED SEAThe 43m (141'08) Hana is the perfect charter yacht on which torelax and have fun while cruising the mysterious Rea Sea.ÊHerlarge windows flood her modern interior with natural daylight, and she boasts a gym, an oversized swim platform and an excellent range of watertoys.For information on cruising aboard Hana in the Red Sea, see page 87MEA CULPA IN AUSTRALIAThis stunning yachtfisherman is the perfect vesselon which to explore Australian waters this winter.Her mahogany interior is sophisticated andluxurious throughout, while her outside spaceboasts a barbecue, Jacuzzi, state-of-the-art enter-tainment system and full array of watertoys forguests to use at their leisure.?Length39.6m (129Õ92)?Guests8?Charter areaAustralia (winter)?Prices fromUS$120,000 per weekAUTUMN 2011 Isea&iI 19?Length43m (141Õ08)?Guests11?Charter areaRed Sea (winter)?Prices from?135,000 per week