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78Isea&iIAUTUMN 2011YACHMASTER II, ROLEXThis year at Basel, Rolex announced an update to one of its mostfamous brands: the Yachmaster. The Rolex Yachtmaster II, in amixture of steel and yellow gold, is an elegant upgrade to anearlier design classic and is now the largest Rolex thecompany makes, sporting a 44mm case. It also features a timerfor regattas - a chronometer function that allows you to count-down as you get into position for the start of the race. IWC PORTUGUESE YACHT CLUBCHRONOGRAPH, IWCThe Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph is one of the mostfamous sailing-inspired watches. Reviewed in last year's Time& Tide, the piece was originally produced in 1939 and was thebrand's most successful watch through the 1960s and 70s.Today, IWC has revived the Yacht Club model, and the 45.4mmPortuguese Yacht Club Chronographis available in steel or rosegold, with a rubber strap. MAXI MARINE DIVER, ULYSSENARDIN Ulysse Nardin is famous for its marine chronometers and itspassion for high precision chronometers carries through to itswristwatches, which often have a nautical theme. One of the lat-est is the Diver Black Surf. Guaranteed water-resistant to around200m (650ft), this limited-edition piece has a rose-gold case fit-ted with rubber strap that is available with either rose-gold orceramic links.

Page 27Torches, Lanterns & RadiosModel shown: UB18DUB12D/UB18DDual Voltage TorchesUB18DLDual Voltage Lanternƒ 110° adjustable headƒ Shoulder strapƒ UB12D accepts 9.6V and 12V clip-on batteriesƒ UB18D accepts 14.4V and 18V clip-on batteriesƒ Battery not includedƒ Colour may varyƒ LED & fluorescent lampsƒ Auto-switches to LED light on low powerƒ Rotary handleƒ Accepts 14.4V and 18V clip-on batteriesƒ Battery not includedBattery (not included): UB12D: EB9, FEB9, EB12, FEB12 series UB18D: EB14, FEB14, EB18 seriesContinuous Illumination: 1.4Ah Battery: Up to 2 hours 2.0Ah Battery: Up to 3 hoursOverall Height: 252mmWeight: 0.3kgBattery (not included): EB14/EB18 seriesContinuous Illumination using 1.4Ah Battery: Fluorescent Up to 2.5 hours LED Light Up to 70 hoursContinuous Illumination using 3.0Ah Battery: Fluorescent Up to 5 hours LED Light Up to 150 hoursOverall Height: 299mmWeight: 0.4kgUB18DALTorchUB18DSLLanternƒ 110° adjustable headƒ Low battery indicatorƒ Shoulder strapƒ Accepts 18V slide on batteriesƒ Spare bulb in headƒ Battery not includedƒ LED & fluorescent lampsƒ Rotary handleƒ Automatically switches to LED light on low powerƒ Battery not includedBattery (not included): BSL1830Continuous Illumination: Up to 4.5 hours with 3.0Ah batteryOverall Height: 274mmWeight: 0.35kgBattery (not included): BSL1830Continuous Illumination using 3.0Ah Battery: Fluorescent Up to 5 hours LED Light Up to 150 hoursOverall Height: 305mmWeight: 0.5kgUR18DSL18V Site Radioƒ High quality AM/FM stereo radioƒ Can be powered by any Hitachi 14.4V/18V slide-on or clip-on battery (not included)ƒ Includes mains power adapterƒ Digital tuner with LCD displayƒ 5 preset stationsƒ High sensitivity large-scale antenna gives a high frequency ƒ Maximum volume of 83.1db with an 18V battery at 1 metreƒ 2 x 3 inch speakers and bass reflexƒ AUX socket can be used with MP3 playerƒ USB socket to charge a mobile phoneƒ Rubber frame protectionUsable Battery 14.4V/18V NiCad/NiMH/Li-Ion Clip-on/Slide-onFrequency 522-1620kHz (AM) 87.5-108MHz (FM)Dimensions (H x W x L) 281 x 184 x 231mmWeight (Without Battery) 3.3kgUR10DL10.8V Mini Radioƒ Compact designƒ Powered by a BCL1015 battery (not included)ƒ Includes LED spotlightƒ 8 ohm speakerƒ AM & FM bandsƒ Compatible with all Hitachi 10.8V/12V Peak cordless toolsUsable Battery BCL1015Frequency 522-1620kHz (AM) 87.5-108MHz (FM)Dimensions (H x W x L) Without Battery 146.5 x 95 x 48.5mm With Battery 172 x 95 x 48.5mmWeight Without Battery 0.2kg With Battery 0.4kgNiCad, Ni-MH, Li-ioNAUTUMN 2011Isea&iI79timepiecesLUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 REGATTA 3 DAYS GMTAUTOMATIC TITANIO - 47MM, PANERAI For the 2011 edition of the circuit, Officine Panerai created the Luminor Submersible 1950Regatta 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio- 47mm, a professional diver's watch,water-resistantto 30 atmospheres (about 300m/1,000ft), and fitted with a rotating bezelwith a graduated scale for calculating the time in a second time zone. The solid case is madeof brushed titanium, and the rotating bezel carries raised dot-shaped titanium markersand black line markings. The blue dial is simple and classic, coated with SuperLumiNovato ensure maximum visibility underwater. As with the 2010 Panerai Radiomir Regatta (seeopposite page), the Luminor Submersible 1950 Regatta 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio isavailable in a limited edition of just 500 pieces. ADMIRAL'S CUP BLACK HULL AND THE ADMIRAL'SCUP SEAFENDER 46 CHRONO DIVE, CORUM A popular piece in the nautical world since it was first launched in the 60s, Corum's Admiral'sCup is instantly recognisable with its large, 12-sided case and naval pennants on the dial. Thelatest addition to the collection was available in a number of different themes, including theBlack Hull 48 Diamond Chronograph, of which just ten were made and have now been sold. Corum has also released the AdmiralÕs Cup Seafender 46 Chrono Dive(picturedleft). The model introduces the chronograph into the range. Water-resistant to over 270m(900ft) and topped by a 120-toothed unidirectional bezel, the model is made from grade 5titanium. Its dial is surrounded by an inner bezel ring with the 12 nautical pennants that havecontributed to the collection's reputation.RADIOMIR REGATTA 1?8SECOND, PANERAIOne cannot talk about ocean-going watches without including the Panerai RadiomirRegatta. Every year Officine Panerai creates a Special Edition piece for the PaneraiClassic Yachts Challenge. Designed for the 2010 Challenge (just 500 pieces were made)the chronograph is precise to an eighth of a second. Ideal for regatta racing, the watch cantime two simultaneous events, and features a scale for calculating speed in knots. Availablein brushed titanium with a fine polished bezel, the 47mm case is watertight to 10 bars.