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Eric de Saintdo, executivechairman and CEOHaving been appointed executivechairman and CEO of Camper &Nicholsons on a temporary contractearlier in 2011, Eric de Saintdo has nowassumed both roles in a permanentcapacity. De Saintdo's supervising role inthe corporation was confirmed after hedemonstrated invaluable managementskills and exciting vision for the company.Thanks to his specialised knowledge of themarket and appreciation of corporatevalues, de Saintdo has laid the foundationsfor a promising future. He is extremely wellregarded within the luxury yachtingindustry having successfully transformedthe Cannes International Boat and YachtShow from an annual yachting affairinto a celebrated international event.Considered to be one of the centralplayers in the international yachtingmarket, de Saintdo says, "I am honouredand excited to accept such a positionwithin one of the most celebratedcompanies in yachting, and I look forwardto continuing and expanding Camper &Nicholsons' authority within the industry.Michael Payne, CCOAfter 17 years of experience working forCamper & Nicholsons' Brokerage division,and having established himself as one ofthe most respected brokers in the industry,Michael Payne has recently accepted therole of CCO in the company. Payne has long been actively involvedwith all aspects of the yachting industryand has a wealth of experience andknowledge and a first-class reputation. Inhis new role he will oversee all aspects ofthe company's Brokerage division and willbe responsible for the sales teams. "It is anexciting time for Camper & Nicholsons,"confirms Payne. "I'm delighted to acceptthis opportunity to play a key part in ournew ventures." NEW APPOINTMENTS AT CAMPER & NICHOLSONS 8Isea&iIWINTER 2012[ssecae&inesNews from aroundthe world of luxury yachting ]Eric de SaintdoMichael Payne

WINTER 2012 Isea&iI 9newsandviewsIf you haven't recently logged, it's time youdid as we recently launched our new website. Thesite has been meticulously redesigned to ensurethat pages are easy to navigate and packed withcomprehensive information, including breakingdaily news on the yachting industry. Clients can now access privileged areas viapassword-protected entry, simply by speakingwith their charter and/or sales brokers to set upthis facility. Users can also build a My Accountpage - a valuable and informative tool thatallows those who have registered to accessrecently viewed yachts and create their ownsearches. When browsing listed yachts, readersare presented with up-to-date information andphotographs, along with zoomable deck plansand maps. The website also has a comprehensivecharter section with insider tips on up-and-coming cruising destinations, enabling readersto keep abreast of charter trends.Showcasing on the site's homepage is thecompany's new corporate video, a productionthat demonstrates Camper & Nicholsons'powerful presence in the world of yachting.Futuredevelopments regarding Camper & Nicholsons'technological advances and offerings will beannounced over the next few months.PARTNERSHIP WITH CAMPER& NICHOLSONS MARINASCamper & Nicholsons is delighted toannounce the agreement of astrategic partnership with Camper &Nicholsons Marinas - a company that hasspecialised in marina and waterfrontdevelopment for more than 40 years. Thenew partnership extends a number ofbenefits to our clients, including exclusiveberth ownership opportunities and accessto expertise on marinas and berthing. Kurt Fraser, sales & marketing director forCamper & Nicholsons Marinas, says "Ourteams share the same values of qualityand service excellence. We welcome thisopportunity to help meet the berthingneeds of Camper & Nicholsons' clients."Furthermore, Camper & Nicholsons brokernow have the ability to market and sellmarina berths worldwide. Additions to the CharterManagement teamWith the expansion of its management team,Camper & Nicholsons welcomes DJ Kiernan as itsnew director of Charter Marketing, Worldwide.Kiernan's new position was confirmed six monthsafter he joined Camper & Nicholsons as director ofCharter Marketing in the US, during which timehe demonstrated impressive management skills.Kiernan has worked in both marketing andmanagement roles in the yachting industry. Priorto joining Camper & Nicholsons he successfullyset up and managed Feadship's charter division.Joining Kiernan in the Charter MarketingDivision in Monaco is Alex Garro as senior chartermanager, and Nathalie Andreu as chartermanager. Garro spent the last six yearsworking with a smaller brokerage house asa charter manager. Prior experience includesworking as crew on yachts, and 14 years in salesmanagement roles. Andreu has most recently worked in yachtmanagement, before which she worked in sales,management and charter marketing.