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2Isea&iIWINTER 2012ContentsUP FRONTsea&inewsThe latest from Camper & Nicholsons and the world of luxury yachting8On charter Dream yachts and destinations 16Where in the world What's new in luxury travel28Property focusHot properties for rent, sale or investment36YACHTINGCharter choiceOn board the 42.9m (140'7) sailing yacht Koo20Captain's viewJames Campbell on Mystery22Charter cuisinePeter Göppel outlines his culinary day on RoMa24x4Interior inspiration afloat26The marketFresh figures from 201176ListingsYachts for sale with Camper & Nicholsons 80conharter]on[charter]sea&irounds up the latest news from Camper & Nicholsons' charter fleet THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TOSUPERYACHT CHARTERCamper & Nicholsons has launched its muchanticipated 2012 Charter Collection. Once again,the annual has been released early due to risingdemand for charters. Every year, the superyacht industry notches upa gear as more yachts launch onto the marketand greater numbers of charter areas open up forlonger seasons. To reflect this rich diversity, thisyear's collection includes some of the mostprominent yachts available during the winter andsummer seasons, along with a real feel for thelifestyle and activities that typify each destina-tion. If you don't receive your copy soon, contactyour charter broker, see page 6.ANTIGUA LINE UP The Antigua Charter Yacht Show will once againchristen this year's winter season in theCaribbean. From 4 to 10 December the beautifulisland of Antigua will play host to the world'sfinest charter yachts, and Camper & Nicholsonshas a fantastic selection confirmed for the event,including the 53.5m (175'6) Hurricane Run fromFeadship, the 50m (164') Jo from Benetti, the49.08m (160'9) Anjilis from Trinity Yachts, the42.9m (140'8) sailing yacht Koo from VittersHolland, the 42.28m (138'8) Calliope fromHolland Jachtbouw, the 36.58m (120') ChosenOne from Intermarine Savannah, and the 34.3m(112'6) sailing yacht Mystery from Nautor's Swan.Details of other yachts due to be displayed at theshow will be released nearer the time. This is anindustry-only event, but if you are interested inany of the yachts displayed, your Camper &Nicholsons broker can view them for you. 16Isea&iIWINTER 2012WINTER 2012 Isea&iI 17oncharterADDITIONS TO THE CHARTER FLEET Camper & Nicholsons welcomes a number of new additions to its charter fleetKOOOne of the most innovative examples of largeyacht design from the renowned Dutch shipyardVitters, KOO is a luxurious, fast cruising sloop.She reaches speeds of up to 15 knots under sail,is well equipped for comfort and leisure, and hasan excellent crew.Length42.9m (140'7)Guests 8Cruising areaCaribbean (winter)Prices fromUS$100,000 per week MARGAUXMargaux is a graceful motor yacht with contoured exterior lines, curved glass windows andgenerous exterior deck areas. Complimenting her superstructure is great attention to detailthroughout her interior, enabling her to offer guests an outstanding combination of performanceand uncompromising luxury.Length35.7m (117'1)Guests 6Cruising areaSouth Pacific (winter & summer) Prices fromUS$59,000 per week IL CIGNO With her classically styled exterior andmodern and stylish interior, Il Cigno is oneof the most popular classics available forcharter today. She has a variety of loung-ing and entertaining areas, from her largesaloon and dining area to her sky lounge,huge shaded aft deck and large sun deck.Length41.7m (136'7) Guests 10 Cruising areaWest/East Mediterranean (winter & summer) Prices from?82,000 per week RESILIENCE Boasting an array of facilities that encouragerelaxation and entertaining, Resilience promisesa first-class charter experience to all who boardher. Ideal for formal and informal occasions, shehas an open dining saloon as well asalfresco dining options on her main aft deck. Length34.1m (111'1) Guests 8Cruising areaCaribbean Prices fromUS$40,000 per week Being a superyacht chef is a 24/7 job for Peter Göppel. "I'm usually up at six in the morning,"he explains. "Those quiet hours are when I begin to prepare breakfast, visit the local marketsfor fresh food and work on menu-planning for the day. From eight until 12 it is all go. I have theguests' breakfast to serve and at the same time I start to prepare the crew's lunch. I'll then nipout on deck to chat with the guests about their food for the day before I head back to serve the crewwith one hand while preparing the guests' dishes with the other. Midday to three is all aboutserving up the guests' lunch, and from then until six o'clock I organise the crew's dinner, chat with theguests about their dinner, serve the crew, then start the guests' food. The final six hours of the day area balancing act of serving the guests' dinner, planning meals for the next day, writing shopping lists,ordering supplies, stock control and cleaning. I'd like to say I then get six hours deep sleep, but to behonest you're always on standby on a superyacht."A consummate professional, Göppel has been maintaining this hectic schedule for about five years,having previously worked on C'est la Vie, Opus II and 5 Fishes, before which he trained in restaurantsall over Europe for a decade. Göppel's culinary icons are perhaps the best indication of what you might expect cuisine-wise as acharter guest on board the 62m (203') RoMa. He lists Austrian chef Eckart Witzigmann, who is thefirst German-speaking chef to receive three Michelin stars for his Munich restaurant Aubergine;the two-Michelin starred chef Hans Haas, who also hails from Austria; and the UK's three-Michelinstarred creative phenomenon Heston Blumenthal, who is famed for his experimental cuisine and FatDuck restaurant in Berkshire. Göppel's own style reflects his Bavarian background and the Mediterranean influences he has sincebeen exposed to. While he is not a fan of fusion in the sense of mixing two styles within one dish, he isnot averse to serving his guests an Asian starter followed by a Mediterranean main course. "I would describe it as being a healthy crossover of Mediterranean, Asian, Caribbean andFrench cuisine," he says of his culinary style, which is greatly influenced by his way of life. Travellingso extensively on a superyacht, he has had exceptional opportunities to visit remote corners of theworld and experience first hand the gourmet treats and techniques of many regions."I always read the cookbooks of areas in which I'm travelling, and I visit the local marketsto get inspiration. I also keep in touch with restaurants I've worked for and exchange ideaswith former colleagues. And I love to visit restaurants in the areas in which we cruise. My favouriterestaurant in the world is Auberge Provençale in Cannes, France. It opened in 1860, makingit the oldest restaurant in Cannes, and the service and food are outstanding."Clearly a chef who embraces a challenge, Göppel suggests that as well as dealing with a hectic workschedule, remaining creative and cooking to suit a variety of tastes and requirements, another ever-morecrucial consideration is the need to provide healthy food for his guests. "Cuisine has become much lightersince I first started training. Now the focus is very much more on locally bought, fresh ingredients -ensuring that meals are nutritious as well as delicious is more important than ever."24Isea&iIWINTER 2012Taste notes with.Peter GöppelChef Peter Göppel describes his typical day on board the 62m (203') RoMa, andoutlines his inspirations for creative cuisine[]charter cuisinePhotography: Jeff BrowngourmetgossipLOBSTER MILLEFEUILLE WITH CAPSICUM PESTOServes 4INGREDIENTSfor the lobster. 2 medium-sized lobsters . 50g (1.7oz) butter. 1 sachet of bouquet garni. Dash of Noilly Prat ----------------------------for the millefeuille. 150g (5oz) potatoes. 50g (1.7oz) softened butter. 50g (1.7oz) flour. 2 egg whites (whipped until stiff). Pinch of nutmeg. Salt & pepper to taste----------------------------for the pesto. 1 red capsicum pepper. 1 yellow capsicum pepper. 1 clove garlic . 30g (1oz) pine nuts . 10g (0.3oz) Parmesan cheese. White pepper & sea salt to taste. 50ml (1.6floz) white balsamic vinegar . 100ml (3.3floz) olive oil . A bunch of dill and parsleyMETHOD1.Boil lobster for 3.5 mins and blanch in iced water, then removelobster flesh from shells and set aside. Keep 500ml (17floz) of thestrained boiling water and add to this the lobster shells, butter,bouquet garni and Noilly Prat. Slowly reduce the liquid down to125ml (4floz). 2.For the millefeuille, mix together the boiled potatoes, softenedbutter, flour, stiff egg whites, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Spreadthinly in round shapes on a greased oven tray. Bake at 160°C(320°F/gas 3) for 12 mins. This should make up to 20 biscuits,although you'll only need three per person for this dish.3.Grill peppers, peel and cut into small pieces. Roast garlic andpine nuts over a low heat until golden brown. In a bowl, mix thered pepper and half the garlic, pine nuts, parmesan, white pepper,sea salt, white balsamic vinegar and olive oil, then blast with ahand blender until smooth. Repeat this process with the yellowpepper and the other half of these ingredients.4. Halve the lobster tails and gently reheat in the stock with theclaws. 5.Place half a teaspoon of yellow pesto on a plate and lay one ofthe potato biscuits on top. Add one reheated halved lobster tail,a little red pesto and a sprig of parsley. Cover with another biscuitand top with a hot lobster claw, a sprig of dill and some yellowpesto. Finish the tower with a biscuit and serve.WINTER 2012I sea&iI25

WINTER 2012 Isea&iI 3forconnoisseursofluxurytravelTRAVELTop fiveThe finest golf courses to weave into your charter 42Island lifeHighlights of Nevis in the Caribbean 46City guideThe exotic charms of Istanbul48My favourite placeExpert advice from CNI's charter team52Aboard & ashorePerfect days in the Caribbean 54Further afieldThe best of the South Pacific islands70LIFESTYLEGlam femme Gorgeous scents and candles38HommeGifts and games to take on board40Life afloat Escape on board Big Aron65The last wordTravel tips from property developer and skiwear entrepreneur PaulGoldstein 8848Isea&iIWINTER 2012WINTER 2012I sea&iI49cityguideSpectacularly historical yet refreshingly edgy,magnificently opulent but eminently tasteful, Istanbulis a city of layers and contrasts - a place in which tobe dazzled and decadent. Its Bosphorus is calming,its bazaars chaotic; its Ottoman and Byzantine décoraesthetically enriching and its food equally tantalising. Domesand minarets spiral up around every street corner behind a veilof mystical hookah smoke, and bazaars are a sensory overloadof volume, vibe and visual flamboyance with incense, spices andsmoke swirling together in an intoxicating concoction. Divide your time between ancient mosques and edgy streetcafés, linger in Prada boutiques and speed across theBosphorus. In the evening, swallow your reservations and diginto the mouthwatering contents of a döner, burrah, iskenderor shisk, for although the kebab might wallow at the bottomof the food chain elsewhere in the world, in Turkey it is not-to-be-missed fare. Restaurants and hotels range from traditional and quaint toultra modern and extravagant. In both types of venue, stylehas become a watchword, with minimalist principles flirtingwith the flamboyance of the country's incredible history. Thisis a city that truly triumphs in celebrating the best of east andwest, ancient and modern. PILLOW TALKFor boutique offerings, three hotels in particular stand out. A'jiaHotelis a traditional Ottoman mansion resplendent onthe edge of the Bosphorus. There are just 16 rooms andpure white glamour reigns inside and out. A complimentaryboat shuttle is available for trips to nearby attractions, of whichthere are many.Alternatively, The House Hotel Galatasaray, which openeda little over 18 months ago, is set in a four-storey mansiondatingback to the 1890s. Renovated by interior designerAutoban, it has 20 suites and a lounge and bar and reflectsboth vintage and modern with original marble staircases,fabulous leather sofas and roaring wood fires - everywhereyou glance is pure style. Also sporting Autoban inspirationis The House Hotel Nisantasi,near the Blue Mosque andGrand Bazaar and in the heart of the city's most exclusivedistrict for shopping, fashion and entertainment. A designconnoisseur's dream, it is full of earthy colours and white,with lots of welcoming curves and sleek Venetian blinds.There are 45 rooms and suites, with one of the nice touchesbeing the cocktail accessories that are provided so that youcan get creative with a shaker and spirits - one up on theusual hotel mini bar. istanbulArching from Europe to Asia, Istanbul is the only city in theworld to straddle two continents. Kate Rigbyunpeels thelayers of this ancient Turkish wonder on the banks of the Bosphorus123438Isea&iIWINTER 20121. JO MALONE CUSTOMISED FRAGRANCECOMBINING COLLECTIONWhat woman would refuse her own personalised scent set? This one includes six 9ml fragrances and two 100ml scents. JO MALONE ROASTED CHESTNUTDELUXE CANDLEThis winter candle is inspired by the comfortingaroma of chestnuts roasting over a roaring log fire. JO MALONE WILD BLUEBELL COLOGNEJo Malone has succeeded in taking this gloriousEnglish woodland flower and giving it urbanappeal with the new Wild Bluebell BSQ BERGAMOT NOIR Inspired by the golden age of couture, thisenchanting fragrance offers a sensual blend ofbergamot and neroli essential oils on a base of amber and wood. LALIQUE NILANG An aquatic-oriental fragrance from Lalique,Nilang is a blend of lotus, peach, mandarin,melon, jasmine, clove flower and blueberry.www.lalique.com6. VERA WANG LOVESTRUCKThis fragrance is a delicate mix of tuberose, lotus blossom, woodland scents and sheermusk, with a sparkling floral base that hints of pink guava and mandarin.www.verawang.comfragrancesSubtle, sexy and cool fragrances abound this winter 5678910121113WINTER 2012I sea&iI39glamfemme7. BALENCIAGA L'ESSENCECapturing the essential elements of BalenciagaParis, this iconic fragrance has been adaptedwith delicate woodland notes reminiscent ofviolet and vetiver. PACO RABANNE LADY MILLION SOLID PERFUME Paco Rabanne's ultra-glamorous, diamond-shaped Lady Million solid perfume is vibrant,sensual, fresh, floral and woody. www.pacorabanne.com9. ACQUA DI PARMA GELSOMINO NOBILE A lovely addition to Aqua di Parma's feminine LeNobili family of fragrances. www.acquadiparma.it10. BOTTEGA VENETAThis new fragrance hints of fresh meadows, cutgrass, flowers, earth, wood, bergamot, patchouliand oak moss. CLIVE CHRISTIAN C FOR WOMENThisis a soft, semi-oriental scent with rose,jasmine, violet and tuberose. www.clive.com12. MARC JACOBS DAISY EAU SO FRESH Bright, elegant and full of charm, Daisy Eau So Fresh radiates with crisp raspberry, sensuous wild rose and deep, warm plumscents. www.daisymarcjacobs.com13. KENNETH TURNER WINTER BERRIES FRAGRANCED CANDLEHints of satsuma, sweet red berries, cinnamon,oranges and lime combine in this candle - theperfect mood-enhancer for the festive