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WINTER 2012I sea&iI79brokerageThe 50-metre-plus category has seen 15 sales to date thisyear, while 2010 saw 25 sales for the same period, and thewhole of 2009 saw 21 sales.Analysing these figures, one can see that it is the 30 to 50mrange that has seen the most growth, with smaller vessels of 24to 30m staying static, and the 50m+ range falling.THE TOP TEN vs THE OTHERS Since 2009 the top ten brokerage houses have accounted forthe largest percentage of the value of yachts sold, but not thevolume. This is because most large yachts sign with majorbrokerage houses, and they are usually the higher-value vessels.From the first quarter to the end of the third quarter this year,the value of yachts sold by the top ten brokerage housesequated to US$1,486 million versus US$1,359 million from allthe others combined. The number of yachts sold to date doesnot reflect the value, as the top ten brokerage houses have sold90 to date in 2011, compared to 176 sold by the others combined.2010 saw a similar percentage split, with the value of the yachtssold by the top ten far out weighing the volume when comparedto the others combined. However, 2009 saw the other brokeragehouses, combined, selling more in terms of value and volume. A QUESTION OF AGE During the past year, 73% of all sailing yachts sold were agedover ten years, and of these 21% were over 20 years old. Nineper cent were delivered between 2001 and 2005, and theremaining 8% were delivered after 2006. Sailing yachts onthe market have historically always been older.In the motor yacht market, 44% of yachts sold in the 24 to 30-metre category were under five years old. The same trend isreflected in the 30 to 40-metre size range, where 40% of yachtssold were under five years old, and in the 40 to 50-metre sector,where 32% of the motor yachts sold were delivered in the pastfive years. However, in the 50-metre+ segment, 50% of saleswere for yachts delivered within the last six years, and 21% wereolder than 20 years.In conclusion, overall the industry has seen a slow butgradual increase in sales, and the recent autumn boat showsindicated that interest levels are up from last year. Camper &Nicholsons' Mike Payne comments, "We saw plenty of qualifiedbuyers at both Monaco and Fort Lauderdale and posi-tive negotiations are under way. The feeling is thatthe market is continuingto improve,with realistic prices.There isa genuine air of confidence."n & PURCHASE I NEW CONSTRUCTION I YACHT CHARTER I CHARTER MARKETING I YACHT MANAGEMENT I CREW PLACEMENThttp://www.camperandnicholsons.comsuper yachtYour new window onto the world of superyachtsWelcome to Camper & Nicholsons International's new website, which is packed with features designed to satisfy all your yachtingneeds at the click of a button. The new site has a unique range of user-friendly features, enabling searches to be saved, yachts tobe compared and favourite finds to be catalogued. also hosts other helpful options, includingthe ability to share yachts with friends, registrating to receive regular, up-to-date information, accessing an extensive list of insidertips on charter destinations, and much more. *Not for sale or charter to US residents while in US waters - C&N marks are registered trademarks used under licence by CNI. Photography: all rights reserved