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203ABOUT CAMPER & NICHOLSONSSince 1782, Camper & Nicholsons has been synonymouswith the world's leading yachts, specialising in their sale,purchase, charter, marketing, management andconstruction. No other brokerage firm rivals our diversityand global yachting coverage. Furthermore, our team ofdedicated sales and charter brokers, yacht managers andstaff all share a genuine passion for being at sea andcollectively possess a range of experience and knowledgefar beyond anyone else in the industry. So, whatever theyachting need, Camper & Nicholsons complete service is onhand to provide the very best advice and support available. SALE & PURCHASECamper & Nicholsons Brokerage Division is at theforefront of the yachting market. It has the largest fleet ofyachts for sale in the world and is equipped with theindustry's most comprehensive contact database ofbuyers and sellers. Camper & Nicholsons brokers areregarded as the experts of the industry, which is why ourgreatest source of business comes from regular clients.With an impressive network of experienced brokersacross the globe, our reputation is second to none. So,whether you are interested in selling, buying orconstructing a yacht, our brokerage team are constantlyon hand to support and guide you, offering theirknowledge and expertise to present you with the verybest opportunities that the yachting market has to offer. BUYING A YACHT When buying a yacht, expertise and experience are themost important factors. Camper & Nicholsons brokersare familiar with all the yachts on the market and alwaysstrive to find the right yacht for our clients. Our brokersare on-hand to assist with all aspects of large yachtpurchase and are heavily involved in price and contractnegotiations, advice on ownership and corporatestructures, organise surveys and sea trial logistics, andhandle all administrative documentation. Their job is toensure a smooth acquisition from start to finish, leaving theclient free to enjoy the pleasures of hassle-free ownership.SELLING A YACHT When selling a yacht, you need your broker to find youthe right buyer in the shortest period of time. Camper& Nicholsonshas the fastest average selling time inthe industry, due to our brokers' knowledge,experience and ability to negotiate at the highestlevel. Whatsmore, with direct access to numerousmarketing outlets as well as a large client database,appointing a Camper & Nicholsons broker as yourCentral Agent ensures that your yacht receives themaximum amount of exposure possible. NEW CONSTRUCTION Camper & Nicholsons brokers serve as an invaluableliaison between the client and the shipyard, keeping theyard informed about decisions and requirements onbehalf of the owner, maintaining the balance betweenboth parties, even at the inevitably trying times. Camper & Nicholsonsbrokers work closely with theworld's leading builders, designers, naval architects,captains and suppliers to ensure their client'scomplete satisfaction. Building a custom yacht is a long-term project and amajor investment - it is therefore critical to select theright team for your specific needs. Camper &Nicholsonsbrokers appreciate this and work alongsideall parties involved, supervising every projectthroughout its entire build to ensure each yachtdelivered adheres not only to the contractualspecifications, but to the future owner's expectations.Camper & Nicholsonsbrokers also offer future ownersvaluable and measured advice on the construction ofa yacht, talking them through the different types, sizesand materials available, whilst also explaining thefinancial and legal aspects of a new build.YACHT CHARTER As you will have seen in the preceding pages, a charterwith Camper & Nicholsons delivers more than mouthwatering cuisine, diverse destinations and world-classaccommodation. It promises ultimate freedom, thecomplete privacy and the exemplary serviceunmatched by any other holiday. With an average ratio of one crew member to everyguest, you can relax in the knowledge that you are insafe hands and concentrate on enjoying the extremeserenity of cruising at sea, experiencing water sportsin the sun, or embarking on specially organisedexcursions ashore. With access to the widest choice of motor andsailing yachts, both classic and modern, in a variety ofTHE EXPERTS IN LUXURY YACHTING

204IICHARTER COLLECTION 2012sizes, Camper & Nicholsons charter brokers excel inensuring they select the ideal yacht and destinationfor each client. Trained to customise holidays to theindividual client, Camper & Nicholsonscharter brokersare here to ensure that all your requirements for yourcharter are fulfilled. Whether it is provisioning theyacht with your favourite wine, arranging a surpriseanniversary party, or organising transfers, excursions,restaurant reservations or a game of golf, your charterbroker is always one step ahead, ensuring that onceyou step on board you have the time of your life. CORPORATE CHARTER Camper & Nicholsons charter brokers also specialise incorporate charters, helping you to reward, entertain,motivate, inspire, and extend your business contacts.Self-contained and private, with a variety ofentertainment and relaxation amenities, a superyachtoffers the perfect setting for any corporate hospitalityevent, staff incentive or team building exercise.Furthermore, our charter brokers, captains and crew areon hand 24 hours a day, supervising the smooth runningof the charter or event from start to finish. CHARTER MARKETING Camper & Nicholsons Charter Marketing Division has theknowledge, expertise and resources to make your yachtstand out from the crowd, enabling you to relax. One of the benefits of yacht ownership is thesignificant income a yacht can generate throughsuccessful charter management. However, successfulcharter management is a complex operation andrequires a well-connected and experienced middleman.Camper & Nicholsons Charter Marketing team isexpertly placed to operate as the vital link between theretail charter team, the yacht owner and the yachtcaptain. By dedicating one manager for each yacht,Camper & Nicholsonscommits to maintaining a closerelationship with each owner, captain and crew,ensuring the successful management of charteroperations for every yacht. Furthermore, our CharterMarketing Division has direct access to an extensivenetwork of leading charter agents worldwide,maximising the potential business for your yacht. YACHT MANAGEMENT Camper & Nicholsons understand no two yachts are thesame. Our Yacht Management services are specificallytailored to meet the requirements of each owner, helpingthem to get the best out of their yacht, whether it is 20-metres or 120-metres. Today's large yachts are sophisticated and complex.Their operation calls for the knowledge and skill levelsfound in Commercial Ship management, as well as anacute awareness of what makes each yacht unique. Camper & Nicholsons has been providing a YachtManagement service since 1988, enabling us to acquirean unparalleled depth of experience within the yachtingindustry. Our expertise and knowledge encompasses allaspects of Yacht Management, including the applicationand thorough understanding of formal codes for practice,rules and regulations, technical expertise, reliableadministration, commercial awareness, and the moresubjective factors of yachting. Furthermore, our team isequipped with master mariners, engineers, purchasingstaff, accountants and crew managers, all workingtogether to provide the highest level of support andguidance to captains and owners. CREW PLACEMENT Camper & Nicholsonsappreciates that a yacht's crewcan make or break a cruise, which is why our CrewPlacement Division carefully screens every candidateto ensure that you are left in the most capable ofhands. Whether they are serving a cocktail, raising the sails,researching the next exclusive anchorage, or makingguests feel at ease, the crew of a yacht are the backboneand the spirit of any successful cruise. Camper &Nicholsons Crew Placement Division can be relied uponto find the perfect support staff, be it a long-term additionto your team or a relief worker to get you out of a jam.Camper & Nicholsons works with captains and ownersof luxury yachts, both private and charter, motor and sail,all over the world to provide the highest standards ofservice and competence in crew placement. Our CrewPlacement Division offers extensive industry contacts aswell as a comprehensive database of over 20,000qualified crew, which is updated daily. This allows us tocontinually track candidates providing us with the mostup to date information on who is available, enabling us tooffer you the very best crew out there.MARKETING Strong and intelligent marketing campaigns have helpedposition Camper & Nicholsons International as the mostrenowned and respected yachting brand in the world. Camper & Nicholsons maintains a strong mediapresence through innovative advertising campaignsand controlled public relations. The resulting coverageappears in worldwide yachting publications, as wellas leading luxury lifestyle titles from around the world. Camper & Nicholsons produces captivating salebrochures, an informative monthly newsletter'RADAR', an easy to navigate website, and a number ofpublications including this, the Camper & NicholsonsCharter Collection, the luxury lifestyle magazine Sea& I, and the annual CNI (super) Yachting Index.