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Jill I. GrossDirector of Legal Skills(914) 422-4061 . jgross@law.pace.eduAs Director of our Legal Skills program and former clinical law student myself, I am proud to introduce you to the clinical education program at Pace Law School. We offer a wide array of clinics, externships, specialty practice courses and simulations that teach law students the fundamental skills and values they will need for a successful career.Pace Law students develop lawyering skills right away through our newly-designed First Year Legal Skills program. Our students continue to sharpen those skills through upper-level experiential learning opportunities, which include representing real clients in real cases (under the supervision of a licensed attorney) while still in school.Our program - rich in supervising faculty, dedication and social justice values - graduates reflective, practice-ready practitioners. Contact me if you have questions or want more information about the Pace Law School skills curriculum.Clinical Training & Skills Programs

Clinical Legal EducationPace Law School's clinical education program is designed to help students learn the fundamental skills and values lawyers need to practice law, easing the transition from student to lawyer. In every clinical course, developing professional judgment and the skill of self-directed learning are key goals. Working in the clinic not only taught me how to communicate with clients and colleagues, I believe it got me employed. I doubt I would have been hired without utilizing the lessons I learned in the clinic and the confidence I have gained. So was my clinic experience worth it? I'll consider it the gift that keeps on giving every day I go to work.- Nicholas Connolly Class of 2010, Student Intern, Investor Rights Clinic""