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Clinical Legal EducationPace Law School's clinical education program is designed to help students learn the fundamental skills and values lawyers need to practice law, easing the transition from student to lawyer. In every clinical course, developing professional judgment and the skill of self-directed learning are key goals. Working in the clinic not only taught me how to communicate with clients and colleagues, I believe it got me employed. I doubt I would have been hired without utilizing the lessons I learned in the clinic and the confidence I have gained. So was my clinic experience worth it? I'll consider it the gift that keeps on giving every day I go to work.- Nicholas Connolly Class of 2010, Student Intern, Investor Rights Clinic""

Client Representation Clinics In Pace Law School's client representation clinics, the students have full responsibility for their cases, and perform all of the functions of admitted attorneys, as authorized by a student practice order. Each clinic is supervised by a full-time faculty member who is an experienced practitioner. Students interview and counsel clients, investigate facts, draft legal briefs, argue motions, participate in discovery, conduct plea bargaining and settlement negotiations, and conduct trials and administrative hearings. Barbara C. Salken Criminal Justice ClinicStudents represent indigent clients charged with misdemeanor offenses in the Bronx County Criminal Court, from arraignment through sentence. Post Conviction ProjectStudents represent prisoners with post-conviction legal problems, including claims of innocence and resentencing applications. Environmental Litigation ClinicStudents represent environmental public interest groups, primarily the Riverkeeper, Inc., whose mission is to protect the waters of the Hudson River system in federal and state courts, administrative proceedings, and, occasionally, in local proceedings. Equal Justice America Disability Rights ClinicStudents represent disabled persons and their families in litigation and transactional matters, including Social Security Disability, SSI, and Medicaid benefits, employment and housing discrimination, special education services, wills, powers of attorney and special needs trusts. Immigration Justice ClinicStudents represent indigent people with immigration problems such as regularization of legal status through family ties, employment, or under federal statutes, in proceedings before the Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals. Pace Investor Rights ClinicStudents represent investors of modest means who have disputes with their securities brokers in mediations and arbitrations before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.