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ExternshipsPace Law School's externship programs give students the opportunity to experience the practice of law in government agencies, legal services offices, nonprofit legal organizations, corporations, prosecutors' offices, judicial chambers, and law firms practicing international law. Each externship course integrates the study of relevant substantive law, skills, and practice issues in a weekly seminar. Experienced practitioners supervise students in a wide variety of practice settings.Corporate Law ExternshipStudents assist attorneys in the legal department of a corporation in the New York metropolitan area and learn about the inner workings of a general counsel's office.Environmental Diplomacy PracticumStudents assist Missions to the United Nations and UN agencies by representing the Mission at meetings and preparing research papers on environmental issues such as climate change, renewable energy, fisheries management, and forest protection. Environmental Law ExternshipStudents work in federal, state, and local environmental law enforcement agencies assisting attorneys who prosecute environmental law violations. Family Court ExternshipStudents represent domestic violence victims at ex parte hearings on petitions for orders of protection in either White Plains or Yonkers Family Courts. Federal Judicial Honors ProgramSelected students who want to pursue a federal clerkship after law school are individually paired with faculty mentors who supervise them in a writing assignment, and, in the subsequent semester, work in the chambers of a federal judge. International Trade ExternshipStudents work in law firms or corporations specializing in international trade law on diverse aspects of the firm's transnational practice. Legal Services/Health Law/Public Interest ExternshipStudents work at a public interest organization, the legal department of a not-for-profit health care provider, or a government agency. Prosecution Externship - Honors ProgramHigh-achieving students prepare and prosecute criminal cases under the supervision of assistant district attorneys in the Westchester County District Attorney's Office. State Judicial ExternshipStudents work in individual judges' chambers, primarily in the New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey court systems. "As a student in the Equal Justice America Disability Rights Clinic, I learned how to work closely with clients so that I could truly understand their wishes and zealously advocate for their interests. The skills I developed in the Clinic have given me the tools I need to be the attorney I always wanted to be."- Virginia Foulkrod Class of 2008, Student Intern, Equal Justice America Disability Rights Clinic

Working in the Immigration Justice Clinic offered me an educational experience far beyond that which any single law course could have provided. Not only did I research and learn about a wide array of immigration and other legal issues, but I had the invaluable opportunity to gain real-world experience working with other attorneys, filing legal documents, and appearing before judges in court. Perhaps most importantly, representing real clients in need was a truly rewarding experience.- Robin J. Cram Class of 2010, Student Intern, Immigration Justice Clinic""