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34January 2011Conference+Meetings Worldwww.c-mw.netPHOTO RANGEBelieve in ThailandThe Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) invited CMWalong with other international MICE and travel journaliststo the country as part of a confidence rebuilding campaign for the country as a MICE destination. Thailand has launched its'Believe in Thailand' campaign to reiterate that the country is still, despite some recent political unrest, very much a dynamicand motivational business event destination.Top left:TCEB President Akapol Sorasuchart urges guests to 'Believe in Thailand'.Top middle and right:Journalists celebrate the LoiKrathong floating festival in Bangkok.Middle Row left to right:Hilton showcases its newest venue offering in Pattaya and TCEB ActingDirector Puripan Bunnag poses. Journalists paint a wall as part of a CSR activity at an elderly residents home in Pattaya and CMW's DeputyEditor Vikki Carley gets into the Thai spirit with a Thai traditional dancer.Bottom left to right:A tour of Bangkok by Tuk Tuk. The 'Believe in Thailand' campaign is officially launched. A dinner reception at Red Sky Centara Grand Hotel in Bangkok. The TCEB team get together forthe camera, and also help by offering food parcels to the elderly in Pattaya.

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