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page 36 Conference+Meetings WorldJanuary 2011NEWSMajor gas event win for PerthThailand to bid for 2020 World Expo EIBTM visitors up 1%Hosted buyers sign up for AIBTMTHAILAND - The Thailand Conventionand Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) hasconfirmed it will bid for the 2020 WorldExpo when bidding opens this month.The three cities at the centre of the bid are Chonburi (Pattaya), the northerncity Chiang Mai and the former capital Ayutthaya.The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai wasvisited by 73m people, according to theChinese Government. The next event willbe held in Milan, Italy, in 2015.WORLD - The Perth ConventionBureau played a key role insecuring the global liquefiednatural gas conference andexhibition LNG18 for WesternAustralia in 2016."We canvassed the opportunityto bid for LNG18 with theAustralian Gas Industry Trust(AGIT) nearly two years ago,"said the bureau's MD, ChristineMcLean. "We then worked withthe AGIT and the AustralianPetroleum Production andSPAIN - EIBTM attracted 8,395visitors to its 2010 show, pre-audit, a one per cent increaseon 2009.The Reed Travel Exhibitions'meetings and travel trade showat the Fira Barcelona inDecember, also attracted 3,125exhibiting companies from 90countries, held 59 professionaleducation sessions and saw3,582 hosted buyers.For more information on theevent, see our EIBTM reviewon page nine.USA - HelmsBriscoe, IHG,Global Synergies and The DMCGroup are the first hosted buyercoordinators to confirmparticipation in Reed TravelExhibitions' inaugural Statesideshow, AIBTM.The organiser is expecting over3,000 national and internationalmeeting planners, including2,000 hosted buyers, to attendthe show in Baltimore from 21 to23 June 2011. Hosted buyer registration opensthis month and Steve Knight,AIBTM's Project Manager, saysthere has been a positiveresponse from those eager towork with Reed on the launch. "Our hosted buyer model hasproven to be the most efficientand effective means of meetingwith the destinations, vendorsand suppliers to help satisfyplanners' needs," said Knight."Hosted buyers will have theopportunity to meet one-on-onewith exhibitors of their choice,using an online, pre-scheduledappointment system."SOUTH KOREA- A shortage of trained professionals ispreventing the Korean meetingsindustry from maturing despite awealth of venue space andsophisticated technology, industryrepresentatives have revealed.According to Seoul TourismOrganisation CEO Samuel Koo,low wages also make the industryunattractive to new graduates andthe highly-skilled, who could puttheir skills to better-paid jobs inother sectors."All the regional, local andKorean MICE industrylacks skilled workersExploration Association todevelop the bid."This is a major internationalcoup for Perth," she added. The economic impact ofLNG18 has been calculated atmore than US$49m.national tourism organisations arelooking for trained people," he said, "but at the same time thewage level isn't high enough so it is difficult to attract people to the industry."Speaking at the Korea MICEExpo 2010, Meeting ProfessionalsInternational's Chief DevelopmentOfficer Didier Scalliet said hebelieved an undefined career pathwas also discouraging youngKoreans from committingthemselves wholeheartedly to theindustry.WORLD- Publisher andconference organiser Informareported growth and recoveryacross all its main divisions inits interim managementstatement released at theend of 2010.The company reportedcontinuing signs of recoveryInforma reports revenue growthin its conference business,especially in Germany andAustralia."Informa's strongperformance year-to-dateleaves us well-placed to meetmanagement expectations forthe full year," said CEO PeterRigby. "We expect to deliverorganic revenue growthacross our core divisions andwe believe that we have theappropriate balance ofbusinesses to continue that growth this year, despitethe uncertain globaloutlook," Rigby added.Managementchange atMemphisCook CenterUSA - The Memphis Conventionand Visitors Bureau (MCVB) haswon the bid to manage theMemphis Cook ConventionCenter, the centre's board hasannounced.The move represents amanagement change fromSMG, which had run theconvention centre for 20 years.The MCVB outbid not just SMG,but also Global Spectrum, forthe contract.

January 2011Conference+Meetings World www.c-mw.net5NEWSLanguage lessons for eventsWORLD - Despite a more globalmeetings industry, the averagenumber of languages spoken atevents remains relatively low,according to a new survey.Simultaneous Interpretation(SI) company, Congress RentalWTM visitor numbers up 10% Pune plans $132m ICCUK- World Travel Market(WTM), the global event for the travel industry, saw anunaudited 10 per cent increasein visitors for 2010.An unaudited total of 26,908visitors attended WTM at ExcelLondon over four days lastNovember, compared to24,402 in 2009. There werealso more than 5,000 exhibitorsincluding 628 main standexhibitors, compared to 607 in 2009. "The fact the number of year-on-year visitors increasedeach day is particularlyimpressive and great news forthe exhibitors, as it supports theNetworks (CRN), found 43.8per cent of survey respondentshad reported only twolanguages were being spoken at events, with 37.5 per centreporting three languages. A further 12.5 per cent ofINDIA- The meetings industry inIndia could soon be buoyed by anew convention and exhibitioncentre, planned for developmentin the west of the country. The Rs600 crore (US$132m)Pune International Exhibitionand Convention Centre (PIECC),is part of a 972,000sqmdevelopment at Moshi.The project will include aconvention centre, surroundedby seven exhibition halls, a pairof 28-storey commercial towers,and hotels, as well as a nine-hole golf-course. "There is a dearth ofinternational convention centresthat can hold global events in thearea," said the President of theMahratta Chamber of CommerceIndustries and Agriculture(MCCIA), Abhay Firodia, one ofthe key champions of the project.respondents said they used fourlanguages and 6.5 per cent fivelanguages."Delegates are today travellingto conferences from all over theworld, and that would tend toimply a greater need to provideconversations I had with themthat a high amount of businesswas conducted at the event,"said WTM Exhibition Director,Simon Press.SI services in order to cater fordifferent language needs," saysPanagiotis Podimatas from PCPodimatas in Greece and chair ofthe CRN. "The survey, however,shows that very few languagesare in fact being spoken."WTM 2010 at Excel London attracted 26,908 visitorsMPI EMECheads forDusseldorfEUROPE - MeetingProfessionals International(MPI) is to hold its 2011 European Meetingsand Events Conference (EMEC) in Dusseldorf.The event, between 13and 15 February 2011, is to focus on the changingbusiness issues facing the European meetings andevents industry.The keynote presenter atthe event will be RobinSieger, who will speak todelegates during EMEC'sopening general session. "For all the technologicalimprovements incommunication, the powerof face-to-face meetings,and corporate andassociation conferences, arealways the single best wayto build meaningful andlasting relationships," says Sieger. New recruitat MyCEBMALAYSIA - The MalaysiaConvention and ExhibitionBureau (MyCEB) hasappointed Ho Yoke Ping asits General Manager for Salesand Marketing. Ho willoversee bid developmentefforts and marketing, and istargeting a top five ICCAranking in the Asia Pacificregion by 2020.