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Dublin events are truly inspiring, madly memorable and deeply dcb@dublinconventionbureau.comwww.dublinconventionbureau.comDublin Convention Bureau is the business tourism unit of Dublin Tourism, the Dublin Regional Tourism Authority Limited.Love Dublin

EventfulEIBTM POST-SHOW REPORTSnow, political tensions and World Cup bid announcements were all part of this year's Global Meetingsand Events Exhibition in Barcelona. CMWgives some highlights from the 2010 edition of the show.January 2011Conference+Meetings World 9Reed Travel Exhibitions' (RTE) EIBTM2010 opened in Barcelona at GranVia with an atmosphere of cautiousoptimism on many exhibitor stands.Snowfall across Britain meant there were afew late arrivals from the UK, althoughrecent tensions on the Korean peninsulaappeared to have no effect on the aggressivemarketing effort from Seoul.EIBTM Show Director, Graeme Barnett,described the 2010 show "an overallsuccess" despite some travel issues forbuyers and exhibitors caused by snowfalls innorthern Europe.RTE had made available 250 seats on a757 charter aircraft to take stranded buyersand UK exhibitors back to Stansted in theUK on the final day of the show, due to theclosure of Gatwick Airport and the knock oneffect on travel plans.Hosted buyer numbers did not reach the3,900 forecast pre-show, said Barnett, whoestimated 300 had been prevented fromattending because of travel issues. As aresult, he said, appointments were downfrom a projected 57,000 to around 54,000.Successes of the show, he said, includedthe live broadcast of the World Cup FIFA2018 and 2022 destination announcementsthat handed the honour of staging one ofthe biggest events on earth to Russia andQatar respectively. The CEO Summit attracted 60 senior levelexecutives and there were 59 educationalsessions over the three days. The associationprogramme attracted 285 buyers, its biggestever number.Around 14,000 EIBTM participants canexpect an online survey from organiser ReedTravel Exhibitions as part of ongoing plans toevaluate and evolve the show.Barnett said rebookings had been thestrongest ever, but thought there was noguarantee we were back to the levels ofbusiness seen in 2008. "However, the curveis definitely up," he said.Trends and market share reportA new report has found the industry moodis cautiously optimistic; recovery is ahead,business conditions will improve, advancebookings are up on 2010 and corporatebudgets are expected to grow in 2011.The annual EIBTM Global Industry Trendsand Market Share Reportcompiled by RobDavidson, Senior Lecturer in EventsManagement at the University of Greenwich,identifies the key trends for the meeting andincentive markets over the past 12 monthsand provides an outlook for 2011.Davidson says: "While for 2010 mosteconomists were divided on whether theglobal recovery would grow, stall or evenreverse, now there is talk about favourableprospects for global recovery albeit slow anduneven. The vast majority of indicators forthe meetings and events industry point toimproved business conditions ahead in2011."Davidson went on to say: "Businessbarometers in 2010 have indicated that theindustry continues its recovery apaceshowing that current business conditions arebetter than a year ago. There is definitely aclear majority who feel optimistic about thefuture."Key overall findings The trend survey's key findings in theglobal economic context provided a mixedpicture, although Davidson said, by andlarge, 2010 had been a year of recovery.His report highlighted the following points:.Global growth is likely to exceed four percent in 2011..Growth will be unevenly distributedbetween developing and advanced nations..Asia Pacific has brushed off the recession..Europe is split - Greece, Ireland, Portugaland Spain are tackling serious budgetdeficits, while Germany and France point torecovery..Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC)countries are set to outperform most worldeconomies. By 2014, BRIC will account for61 per cent of the world's growth in output.Corporate meetingsThe survey picked out the following keytrends:.A discernable relaxation of restrictionson business travel..A resurgence in corporate meetings,particularly in Europe, leading to a netincrease in meetings activity in 2010..Buyers have become adept at drivingdown costs with tough negotiations..Lead times are shortening to 30-45 dayson average in the USA.Footballer Lionel Messi helped the Argentinian contingent promote its offering at the showTrend-setter: Rob Davidson