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Featuring:- Up to 11 200 m2 of exhibition space, of which 10 000 m2 is column-free- 2 large auditoria- A magnifi cent 2 000 m2 ballroom- 33 function or meeting rooms- Venues designed to maximise natural light- Two top-class restaurants- An exquisite roof terrace- Majestic city and mountain views- Comprehensive range of catering, AV, and planning services- 1400 parking baysFor more information, or to book your CTICC experience, call us on +27 21 410 5000 today or visit in the heart of South Africa's beautiful Mother City, with the awe inspiring Table Mountain as a natural backdrop, the Cape Town International Convention Centre is far more than a venue, it's an experience. And with versatile spaces and services suitable to everything from intimate wedding receptions and black tie banquets, to international conventions or global exhibitions, the CTICC is guaranteed to put your event fi rmly on the map. Convention centre by name. Unforgettable destination by nature.

ISSUE 66 / ConfErEnCE & MEEtIngS World / 7hose of us that have made New Year's resolutions; whispered a secret prayer of hope for 2012; downed a grape with each of the 12 chimes counting down to the New Year (Mexico); dropped an item of worth (USA); blessed their animals (Belgian farmers) or rubbed ash into the forehead (preferably by a German chimney sweep), may need a bit more in the way of science if we are to make profitable meetings and events in 2012.Unless you live in a BRIC country, Australia or in one or two other pockets so far not particularly affected by global recessionary pressures, you will be looking for a reliable outlook barometer for the business weather in the international meetings industry this year.It is time to be thinking first as business professionals Leaderand then only as meeting or event expertsmanaging EditorPaUl ColStonPColSton@MaShMEdIa.nEtadvErtising managErdarrEn WarddWard@MaShMEdIa.nEt© CoPyrIght ConfErEnCE + MEEtIngS World all MatErIal PUblIShEd In ConfErEnCE + MEEtIngS World IS CoPyrIght and rEMaInS thE ProPErty of thE PUblIShErS. no MatErIal May bE rEProdUCEd WIthoUt thE WrIttEn PErMISSIon of thE PUblIShErS. thE PUblIShErS do not nECESSarIly agrEE WIth thE vIEWS ExPrESSEd by ContrIbUtorS, nor do thEy aCCEPt any rESPonSIbIlIty for any ErrorS or IntErPrEtatIon In thE SUbjECt MattEr of thIS Part of thIS PUblICatIon May bE CoPIEd or rEProdUCEd, StorEd In a rEtrIEval SyStEM, or bE tranSMIttEd In any forM by any MEanS ElECtronIC, MEChanICal, PhotoCoPyIng, rECordIng or othErWISE WIthoUt thE PrIor PErMISSIon of thE PUblIShErS.dEPUty EditorvIkkI CarlEyvCarlEy@MaShMEdIa.nEtPUBLisHing dirECtorPaUl davIESPdavIES@MaShMEdIa.nEtProdUCtion managErlUkE SPaldInglSPaldIng@MaShMEdIa.nEtProdUCtion assistantjUlIa ballsEnior dEsignErClaUdIa CoUtSIdESstaff WritErSarah o'donnEllCirCULation ExECUtivE:tIM PardIngtonWe will have opportunity to exchange notes at our industry trade shows this quarter in London (International Confex), Ljubljana (Conventa); Johannesburg (Meetings Africa); Abu Dhabi (GIBTM), as well as learning from MPI at its European Meetings and Event Conference in Brussels. But, in the meantime, CMW offers you some serious futurology from industry associations AIPC and MPI in this, the second issue of our new-look CMW magazine.MPI President Bruce Macmillan tells us it is time to be thinking first as business professionals and then only as meeting or event experts. "The terrain of modern business is decreasingly black and white, and we need to get comfortable working within the grey," he urges.We will need to be more flexible, according to the MPI Business Barometer, which advises planners to look at Tier 2 cities and venues to learn to live with shorter lead times.AIPC's latest Member Outlook survey points to Asia and Australia for growth; with associations remaining stronger than the corporate meetings sector. Aloysius Arlando from Singex also makes a case here for Asia and its strengths.Whatever the scenario your business is facing, you will surely require flexible thinking, and consider sharing that thinking with colleagues and clients. Our communications strategist, Simon Maier, expands on how relying on email and failing to engage properly can mean your messages become ineffective, both internally and with clients.As Macmillan says, it is time to think not just outside the box, but outside the room.With tools on the market to help us do our jobs in a new way and an industry not short of creative minds, we have the means to rise to the new, tough, challenges ahead.Managing Editor, Paul ColstonPrintEd by PEnSordmasH mEdia groUP Ltd 4th floor, StErlIng hoUSE6-10 St gEorgE'S roadWIMblEdonlondon SW19 4dPtEL: +44 (0)20 8971 8282 fax: +44 (0)20 8971 8283EmaiL: Info@MaShMEdIa.nEtWEBsitE: WWW.C-MW.nEtTime to toughen the resolve T