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March 2011Conference+Meetings World www.c-mw.net29Meeting ProfessionaIs International (MPI) Chief Development Officer, Didier Scaillet, goes behind theacronyms to dig out some advice for meeting professionals to stay on top of the value game.ROI ready for some SMM?Amidst an industry inundated withinitiatives and acronyms, perhapstwo that continue to challengebusiness meeting and event professionalsare ROI and SMM. Return on investment (ROI) has remaineda hot topic in the meeting and eventindustry since the most recent globalrecession began in 2008. And, forprofessionals in the travel, hospitality andevent industries, even agreeing to a cleardefinition of strategic meeting management(SMM) has proved challenging at times.Deciphering what ROI and SMM meannot only to the individual, but also thebusiness meeting and event industry issomething that was recently emphasised inMPI FutureWatch 2011research whichpolled professionals from 20 countries. FutureWatchshows that never before hasit been more important to build meetingstrategy and measure results. From theinitial concept development of an event thataligns with defined business objectives,through the strategic sourcing of eventresources and into the thorough evaluationof goal achievement, it has never beenmore important for event professionals tomake sure that they are on top of theirprofessional game.FutureWatchoffers European meetingprofessionals insight into the year aheadwith all of the business areas that impactSMM. Pairing hard data with challengingeconomics demonstrates that not only will82 per cent of European planners keep theirmeetings in Europe, but they will also seekto deliver higher value to stakeholders byholding more strategic regional meetings.Sourcing regionally, when able, anddeveloping stronger working relationshipswith colleagues in industries tied closely tomeetings and events, like hospitality andtravel, should prove valuable in the shortand long-term success of our industry.As a global association that strives toprovide thought leadership, MPI is not onlyinvesting in research and contentdevelopment that tells us what to watch inthe near future. It is also looking at whatSMM means to the larger success of ourbusinesses.Certainly fiscally responsible practices inprocurement have proven a key componentin successful business operations. However,it is critical to consider that strategicmeeting management should not rely solelyon procurement, but also include anemphasis on performance. The future ofthe meeting and event industry isinexplicably tied to that ROI. Some organisations now realise thatsaving 10 per cent on a meeting does notnecessarily equate to managing the portfoliostrategically. There is a serious need forresearch and tools to highlight how tobest manage the output (meetingeffectiveness, measurement and return onobjectives) of meetings. MPI is leading thedevelopment and design of effective waysof tying meeting results to business impactfor all industries. MPI will deliver education, training andresources on SMM and focus on portfoliomanagement, measurement, meetingdesign and advanced logistics withoutignoring the value of managing inputs. Through this initiative MPI will developtraining and tools from the novice toexecutive levels, outlining a very clear careerpath with options for the planner to take,depending on their end career goal. Thefocus will be on operational best practices,service delivery model options, data integrity. ASSOCIATION VIEW'Strategic meetingmanagement should notrely solely onprocurement, but alsoinclude an emphasis onperformance'A new MPI service for non-memberscalled MPIWeb Connect enablesplanners to connect to education, toolsand a professional network anywhere,anytime. "We are making it easy formeeting professionals everywhere toconnect to the information andeducation necessary to make themsuccessful in a recovering and changedindustry," said President and CEO ofMPI, Bruce MacMillan. "Business performance expectationson meetings and events are nowextraordinary and we want to givemeeting professionals everywhere a freeopportunity to connect to key content tokeep the recovery thriving and toconnect with each other," he added. Planners interested in the service arerequired to provide their professionalprofile at to become anMPIWeb Connect user. Participants getonline access to new articles, WhitePapers and research not available togeneral website visitors. Additionally,participants will have access toMPIWeb Groups that traditionally onlymembers accessed.MPI has also launched its free iPhoneapp and new mobile website. BlackBerryand Android compatible apps are alsoscheduled for release. The web tool offers information in amobile format and is designed for thoseprofessionals on the go who want toconnect to trending topics, research,event details and the MPI community.Funding for MPI's content generationstrategy for 2011 comes largely fromindustry sponsors, partners and MPIFoundation investors. MPIWeb ConnectDidier Scaillet

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