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March 2011Conference+Meetings World www.c-mw.net5NEWSOttawa Tourismgets new SalesVice-President CANADA- Glenn Duncan isnew Vice-President of Sales atthe city convention bureauOttawa Tourism.Duncan is former MD ofTourism Development withEdmonton EconomicDevelopment Corporation.President and CEO of OttawaTourism, Noel Buckley, says: "Iam pleased to see someone ofGlenn's calibre in this positionas we approach the opening ofthe Ottawa Convention Centrein April."Euro funding for GdanskPOLAND- The GdanskConvention Bureau (GCB) haswon European fundingtopromote business tourism asthe brand mark of Gdansk andthe Pomeranian Region. Thefunding will supportpromotional materials,statistical research into businesstourism and membership oforganisations such as theInternational Congress andConvention Association (ICCA)and Meetings ProfessionalInternational. It will also enablethe bureau to exhibit attradeshows and roadshows.The project is co-financed bythe Regional OperationalProgramme for Pomerania.The GCB brings two ICCAconferences to Gdansk in 2011:the Sales and MarketingProgramme and the CentralEuropean Chapter Meeting. The Convention Bureau ofPoland (CBP), meanwhile, hasdrafted a charter of rights andresponsibilities for all thecountry's regional conventionbureaus. Agreements have beensigned for promoting Poland toevent organisers, with Gdanskand Szczecin bureaus the first tosign up.The CBP is also to introduce a certification programme formeetings and events organisers."Convention bureaus in Polandare rapidly-developinginstitutions," says CBP ManagerKrzysztof Celuch. Opposition topush for $700mconventioncentreFlorence togauge impact of eventsAUSTRALIA - New South WalesOpposition Leader BarryO'Farrell has declared that ifelected in the coming Stateelections, he will push for a newconvention centre for Sydneyand would want to be known as"the infrastructure Premier". The proposed AU$700mconvention, hotel andentertainment complex would belocated in Darling Harbour."We hosted the best everOlympics," said O'Farrell whoseparty's convention centre plansare for the development to bedelivered as a Public PrivatePartnership. The statementfollows recommendations from acoaltion-commissioned industrypanel which claimed NSW losesup to 220 business events a yeardue to outdated facilities.A new centre would help Sydneyin its fierce competition withMelbourne and Brisbane for abigger share of internationalconference business.The BESydney conventionbureau recently welcomed theannouncement by the NSWState Government to commit tothe expansion of conventionspace in the city's DarlingHarbour area. Hofburg Vienna figures, a way to beat the crisisAUSTRIA - Internationalconference venue HofburgVienna says its 345 eventsattracted 325,000 visitors to thecity in 2010. Forty of Hofburg'sconferences brought in 16,000delegates, "a segment worth35,000 bed nights to the city,"said MD Renate Danler. Therewere also 220 meetings of theHofburg-based Organisation forSecurity and Co-operation inEurope, which brought in65,000 additional delegates.Conferences, meetings andcorporate events accounted formost of the ?10m annual venuerevenue, with Danler claiminggood bookings for ball eventsand international medical andpolitical conferences. Sheforecast the business would add?190m worth of value for thecity in 2011.Online airline booking wars over GDS intensifyUSA - Tensions are high asthe travel industry waits to see if other major airlines are about to join AmericanAirlines' battle to take backticket inventory from theGlobal Distribution System(GDS).American Airlines had madean aggressive move againstthe GDS agencies before theNew Year, when it pulled itsfares from (ownedby Travelport). The GDS lobby struck backwhen Expedia, which usesboth Travelport and Sabre forflight information, removedAmerican Airlines' fares fromits flight search. The GDS discounting modelseemed to work when theairlines had excess capacity.Now with seat capacity at 87per cent there's a turf war overwho gets to keep the money.The National Business TravelAssociation (NBTA) championsthe old system, claimingbusiness travel buyers itsurveyed overwhelmingly (89%)expect an increase in travelcosts if the airline industrymoves en masse to adopt itsown systems. These would besystems similar to the DirectConnect model that AmericanAirlines brought in to bypassthe existing GDS.American Airlines has sincestruck a deal with agency todistribute its flights using AADirect Connect. "In today's competitivemarketplace, it is important tobe free to customise productofferings to improve thecustomer experience, as wellas distribute products in away that does not result inunnecessary costs," saidAmerican Airlines spokesmanRyan Mikolasik.ITALY- The FlorenceConvention Bureau, under apartnership with the city'sCentre for Tourism Studies, willmeasure the economic impactof events in the region for thefirst time. The bureau has alsoestablished an academicambassador programme as partof its drive to bring internationalscientific conferences to the city.

There's just something about Australia that changes the way you think. At first glance you might think it's the stunning natural settings like Sydney Harbour or its unique meeting locations. But organise an event here and you'll soon discover it's something far deeper. A rich history of cultural freedom and innovation has helped Australians think differently for over 40,000 years. More recently, our fresh and imaginative approach has ensured the success of world-class corporate and association meetings, rewarding incentives and unrivalled global events.So if you're after an event that will inspire new ideas, deliver real business results and return on investment, look no further than Australia. To get your clients thinking differently visit th ast somece uturaver ch hrewvent ideathants thinnts.a jglHarboud you'ry cy foappreetinfter ad retucliSydne ahistk differeaginativociation you're gstment,king visitbunesseveTAKE YOUR THINKINGTO AWHOLE NEW PLACE.