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> Attractive and open to the world> 24/7 Customer focused service> Top-class business environment> 27,500 Hotel rooms> Exciting and charming city> 1,250 Restaurants> Rich cultural program> 106 Theatres and museums> Lively night lifeYOU'RE AN ORGANISER. CREATE AN IMPACT WITH YOUR EVENT.PLANNING, MARKETING AND OPERATIONS ARE KEY PRINCIPLES REQUIRED TO REACH YOUR GOALS. HOWEVER, TO ACHIEVE ASSURED SUCCESS YOU NEED TO ADD REAL VALUE. TAKE A STEP FORWARD AND RAISE YOUR EVENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.AMSTERDAM RAI CONVENTION CENTRE. WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR CITY.SUCCESS FORMULA FOR A GREATER IMPACTADDED VALUE > HOSPITALITYContact us for more information at +31 20 549 12 12, or visit

ISSUE 67 / ConfErEnCE & MEEtIngS World / 7common theme illuminating this issue of CMW is the experience of achievers. We examine the patterns and paths to success both on the individual level and around some of our strongest MICE destinations worldwide.We offer two keynote interviews: first with communications and event agency Grass Roots Group's Chairman and founding guru David Evans who finds some Methodism in the meetings madness. ADNEC's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Humaid Al Dhaheri also speaks to CMW during the flagship Abu Dhabi venue's first major international association congress. Now that the construction is Whatever the economic backdrop and financial Leaderchallenges, quality will always outmanaging EditorPaUl ColStonPColSton@MaShMEdIa.nEtadvErtising managErStEPhEn KIlShaWSKIlShaW@MaShMEdIa.nEt© CoPyrIght ConfErEnCE + MEEtIngS World all MatErIal PUblIShEd In ConfErEnCE + MEEtIngS World IS CoPyrIght and rEMaInS thE ProPErty of thE PUblIShErS. no MatErIal May bE rEProdUCEd WIthoUt thE WrIttEn PErMISSIon of thE PUblIShErS. thE PUblIShErS do not nECESSarIly agrEE WIth thE vIEWS ExPrESSEd by ContrIbUtorS, nor do thEy aCCEPt any rESPonSIbIlIty for any ErrorS or IntErPrEtatIon In thE SUbjECt MattEr of thIS Part of thIS PUblICatIon May bE CoPIEd or rEProdUCEd, StorEd In a rEtrIEval SyStEM, or bE tranSMIttEd In any forM by any MEanS ElECtronIC, MEChanICal, PhotoCoPyIng, rECordIng or othErWISE WIthoUt thE PrIor PErMISSIon of thE PUblIShErS.dEPUty EditorvIKKI CarlEyvCarlEy@MaShMEdIa.nEtPUBLisHing dirECtorPaUl davIESPdavIES@MaShMEdIa.nEtProdUCtion managErlUKE SPaldInglSPaldIng@MaShMEdIa.nEtProdUCtion assistantjUlIa ballsEnior dEsignErClaUdIa CoUtSIdESstaff WritErSarah o'donnEllCirCULation ExECUtivE:tIM PardIngtoncomplete, it is time to fill the world class venue.Our feature on Singapore looks at what it takes to remain No. 1 in Asia for meetings, at least according to the ICCA rankings. As Thailand, China and Malaysia continue to make big sprinter's strides into the market, Singapore shows just why it is so good at reinventing itself to remain ahead of the pack in the meetings marathon.Our Nordic Lights also illuminate some event planners' compasses in Europe and countries famous for topping the quality of life charts showcase what they have to offer the meetings industry.It seems whatever the economic backdrop and financial challenges, quality will always out.And if you need to demonstrate value of meetings but lack the tools to do so, it is worth checking out MPI's Business Values of Meetings (BVOM) research. We offer an edited extract of the Perception versus Reality White Paper.As we enter a busy season of industry trade shows, CMW editors look forward to meeting our readers in Baltimore (AIBTM), Amsterdam (AIPC) and Frankfurt (IMEX) and several other industry forums.Our gallery pages also reflect some of the action from recent industry shows and forums in Slovenia, London, Budapest and Johannesburg.Managing Editor, Paul ColstonPrintEd by PEnSordmasH mEdia groUP Ltd 4th floor, StErlIng hoUSE6-10 St gEorgE'S roadWIMblEdonlondon SW19 4dPtEL: +44 (0)20 8971 8282 fax: +44 (0)20 8971 8283EmaiL: Info@MaShMEdIa.nEtWEBsitE: WWW.C-MW.nEtLeading lights show the wayA