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September 2010Conference+Meetings World19AIPCPricing trendsTo the question of whether conventionhall space pricing is increasing oreroding, 34 per cent said 'increasing','53 per cent answered 'no change' and12 per cent noted 'price erosion'.Over two-thirds of respondents areengaging in more client incentive activities(i.e. rent reductions, added value services,cash incentives, hosted functions). Hughes notes the survey results show aslight slowing of the building andexpansion boom, but says the responsesshowed there was "no doubt there iscontinual facility growth". To the quesiton 'What were yourprimary responses to the recent globalrecession and financial crisis?' the graphshowed the following:Limiting factorsFactors limiting centre managers'abilities to carry out expansion andrenovation include:Lack of funding (29 per cent); lack ofgovernment support (27 per cent) andland availability (17 per cent). Thegeneral economic situation was namedas a factor by 15 per cent ofrespondents.GreenGreat strides appear to have been made inprojecting an environmentally friendlyimage and design, with 86 per cent ofvenues reporting green/sustainabilityprogrammes in place, although only 36per cent had recognised certification inplace. Community and market expectationswere indentified as the two greatest driverstowards sustainable practices and policies.However, 68 per cent reported thatGreen policies had no discernible affecton gaining business.On the client side, the associationmarket for conferences and meetingswas the strongest sector, above corporateor government meetings.Centre business and operationtrends Finally, research showed centremanagers will become morecommercially minded.Ideal new features to increaseprofitability were ranked, in order:. Primary Responses . Additional exhibition space. Additional meeting space, multi-functional space. Auditoriums. Ballroom(s). Technology, wireless. New kitchen and F&B spaceIn measuring overall success, theprimary metrics were, in order:1.) Venue operational profit/loss (mentioned by)91% of respondents2.) Total number of events73%3.) Total economic impact63%4.) Total number of visitors57%5.) Public Relations 36%Secondary factors, in order were:Performance of proprietary20%event businessTotal number of booked 19%hotel roomsHotel community occupancy levels 10%Visitor-related tax revenues9%Hotel community gross 3%sales or profitOther14%