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Maturing into adulthood at the ripe age of 22, Barcelona-based meetings industry trade event EIBTMshows it still has something new up its sleeve, for both buyers and exhibitors. Standing for awardsFEATURE34Conference+Meetings WorldSeptember 2010In its 22nd year, Reed Travel Exhibitions'(RTE) EIBTM in Barcelona will follow anew format for its EIBTM Awardprogramme and is shifting the accent fromacknowledging agency work on majorevents to rewarding stand design andsustainability.There will be eight categories this year:Best Stand Design Overall, Best StandDesign - Shell Scheme, Best Stand forDoing Business, Best Stand Personnel, BestStand Feature/Attraction, Most Innovativestand within the Technology and EventServices Village, Sustainability, Hosted Buyervoted Best Stand.Commenting on the new-look awards,EIBTM director Graeme Barnett says theyhave been set up in recognition of "theimportance stands and stand personnel playin the success of achieving return oninvestment at EIBTM"."Exhibitors, who invest substantial timeand budgets in our event, deserve to receiverecognition for their design and marketingefforts," he adds.The awards are open to all exhibitors andwill be judged on the opening day of theshow by an independent panel. Chiefexecutive of experiential marketing and liveevent marketing company, TRO Group, RobAllen, will chair the panel.Hosted Buyers will be invited to vote fortheir favourite stand for 'Doing business',the result of which will be announced on thefinal day of the show.Youth insightEIBTM and the International Congress andConvention Association (ICCA) will berunning their annual search for young talentto join them in the annual Forum for YoungProfessionals (FYM). The two organisations are on the look outfor 20 industry professionals, under the ageof 30, to join them at the trade show.Selection to the forum is based on countryof origin, employment and a short essay oneither the challenges faced by the industry,social networking or sustainability.ICCA CEO, Martin Sirk, says: "The Forumis a unique opportunity for youngprofessionals to join together to learn moreabout the industry and ICCA."Barnett says the initiative is all about thefuture and the leaders of tomorrow:"Together with ICCA we are committed inthe long-term to help educate and developthe new talent that exists," he says.Technology updateFollowing a test launch last year at EIBTM,RTE has signed a deal with MeetingMetricsto measure educational content at three ofits global meetings industry trade shows.Covering EIBTM, CIBTM in Beijing andAIBTM in Baltimore, the new agreementoffers tools for maximising meetingeffectiveness, measuring meeting results anddemonstrating value and return oninvestment.Participants at all the education sessionswill be able to log onto the system aftereach session ends through PDAs, notebooksand PCs. New for 2010This year sees more than 20 new exhibitorsfrom destinations to hotel companies, venueservices to conference organisers. Amongthe new faces will be Marriott Global,Politours, Ilanga Travel, Cruise and BusinessEvents, Divan Hotels, African Conferences,KeyDM, Meeting Point International,Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, the Seychelles,and the Japan National TouristOrganisation. More than 40 main stand holders haveincreased their space including VisitScotland, which has boosted its space by 21per cent. Marketing manager for Europe at VisitScotland's Business Tourism Unit, AmandaHenderson, says: "We have 18 exhibitingpartners this year, the largest presence we'vehad at the show."EIBTM Lecture TheatreFor the first time, a dedicated purpose builtLecture Theatre will be situated on the showfloor, able to accommodate 150. Events totake place in the new theatre will includethe EIBTM press conference, and dailytechnology and Spanish sessions.The Green RoomAnother new feature this year is the GreenRoom, EIBTM's sustainable seminar area.EIBTM achieved BS8901 status in 2008 andthere will be a number of sessions takingplace daily including, for the third yearrunning, a dedicated series of CSR sessionstackling some of the key sustainable issuessuch as how BS8901/ISO standards arebeing implemented and how to besustainable without blowing a budget. Othertopics covered will include 'Wastemanagement' and 'Reporting onsustainability.EIBTM Event Director Graeme Barnett, says:"With 80 per cent of space already taken forthis year's show, as of July 2010, it is clearthe industry is in an optimistic and upbeatframe of mind as meetings professionalsrecognise the importance of attendingEIBTM to create new business."EIBM attracted 8,170 people in 2009 Further details: www.eibtm.comWhere:Barcelona, Gran Via, Mont JuicWhen:30 November - 2 December2010Last year by numbers:8,170 total attendance, a 0.5 per centincrease on 2008.3,827 Hosted Buyers - up over threeper cent on the previous year.54,255 pre-scheduled appointments. EIBTM's professional educationprogramme saw attendance of almost4,000 - up 15 per cent.Visit London claimed £52m worth ofbusiness enquiries and SandtonConvention Centre, South Africa £3m of enquiries in 2009.

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