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THE CCD24October 2010 Conference+Meetings World www.c-mw.netCCD going in to bat for Ireland meetingsArchitect Kevin Roche (right) speaking at the opening of the CCD (left)three international destinations at a time, aswell as evaluate their chosen event ormeeting destination with travel to Dublin. Deputy Director Great Britain at TourismIreland, David Boyce, says: "One of themain reasons delegates choose to come toIreland is its green credentials. This apphelps organisers assess their conference onits CO2emissions."The CCD Executive Chairman, DermodDwyer, says: "The iconic landmark will allowus to demonstrate new internationalstandards of hospitality. I am confident weare on track to reach our goal of beingrecognised as the best conference centre inEurope by 2014."The CCD's Waight, says it has been quitea journey: "The building is one of the bestequipped and most flexible conventioncentres and our team will ensure we cancompete with the top conference venuesworldwide. We look forward to welcomingthe world to Dublin's doorstep."The gala opening for 870 internationaland local industry stakeholders featured Irishpop band Westlife. Staged in the LiffeySuite, the attendee list included 120international buyers, international media,and representatives from the broadermeetings industry.The Irish Minister for Tourism, Culture andSport, Mary Hanafin, officially openedto share ideas, network and help developsustainable businesses around the world. Speaking to CMW, the CEO of GlobeForum and co-founder of Skype, JohanGorecki, says: "There is a strong case fornetworking in Ireland and it is based ontrust. A handshake means a lot in Irelandand the event will attract over 1,000delegates with live satellite links for thosewho cannot attend."According to the Futurebrand Index, whichrates 102 destinations globally, Ireland wasin the top 10 for the ease of doing businessand ease of travel. "We chose The CCD as we wanted theevent to be associated with a venue thatrepresented the very same ideals as us,"added Gorecki.The CCD's Waight believes in the sametrain of thought. "Going forward, The NECGroup is looking to expand its managementportfolio into cities that follow a similarethos, with a particular focus on new buildssimilar to The CCD."As for competition in the internationalassociation conference market," he adds,"we feel centres such as those in Madridand Barcelona are on our level. Locally,however, as prices have come down recentlyin Ireland, every event space has becomecompetition for us."Convention centres, it seems, are nolonger enormous venues on the outskirts ofa city which have to be accessed via vasttransport links but rather places that attractdelegates into the centre of a city. Aconvention centre, such as The CCD, canact as a catalyst for communication and asan international beacon for what the cityitself stands for. Whether or not this icon ofa 'proud and confident' nation delivers whatits local meetings industry hopes is yet to beseen. It is still early days. But, as Dwyer says: "A good opening ishalf the battle and the end of the first act."Ireland's first international convention centreby scanning her palm on an entry keypad."The CCD is the latest edition to thelandscape of Dublin and is, therefore, thelatest symbol of a proud and confidentIreland," Hanafin said. The opening of the centre coincided withthe national tourism development authorityFáilte Ireland's annual 'Meet in Dublin'networking and familiarisation. The 120buyers converged on The CCD to meet acollection of Irish trade partners of FáilteIreland. The event's aim was to showcaseIreland and its facilities to internationaldecision makers in the meetings industry."The aim of the event is to continue tofacilitate meaningful business opportunitiesbetween the Irish business tourism suppliersand international associations, corporateclients and incentive agencies," said ChiefExecutive of Fáilte Ireland, Shaun Quinn,who added: "A very significant investmenthas taken place with the development andimprovement of so much of our businesstourism product over recent years."He argued that with very competitiverates, there had never been a better time tobring an event to Ireland. While commissioning and testing thebuilding, The CCD hosted The XFactor, TheBritian's Got Talent Showand 175thanniversary conference for EngineersIreland. In a major coup for the venue, TheCCD was chosen to host the Globe Forum,which will be hosted by Dublin City as partof its annual Innovation Festival. The event,taking place on 17 and 18 November, isan international marketplaceconference around the challenge of howcities can harness innovation and buildeconomies that are smarter and greener. Attracting over 1,000 delegates, includinginnovators, investors, researchers andleaders of business and government, theevent will create an innovative marketplace

The wait is finally over. The Convention Centre Dublin is now officially open, welcoming clients and delegates from all over the world to the heart of Dublin city. Conveniently located only 20 minutes from Dublin Airport, The CCD is Ireland's first world-class, purpose-built conference venue. Designed and built to suit all types of events, big and small, the centre offers 22 flexible halls and meeting rooms, fully equipped with the latest technology and, more importantly, a level of support and expertise second to none. Already chosen as the venue for an impressive range of international clients, The CCD is now taking bookings for all types of events. Be among the first to experience this unique venue, only a flight away, which is putting Ireland on the map for international meetings and events. 100,000 Irish Welcomes. 1,000 Reasons to visit Dublin.1 New Venue you cannot resist.Contact our sales team on: Tel: +353 1 856 0000 Email: Or visit our website: www.theccd.ieNOW OPEN